These Are The 20 Trickiest Riddles We Found This Week

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Who doesn't love a little brain teaser every now and then? Here are some fun, tricky riddles to give your mind some exercise. 

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    You can put me on or cut me down, and I'm often under watch, and though you'll never say I'm found, you'll sometimes hear I'm lost. What am I?

    Solution: Weight.

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    Though you've heard me a thousand times,  my number's less than two, and most of the things that start with me turn happy when they're through. What am I?

    SolutionOnce upon a time.

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    What kind of running means walking?

    SolutionRunning out of gas.

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    I live without food, wound without force, and I'm harder to fight than to kill. What am I?


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    I was born in the past, but I live in the present. Sometimes false, always personal. What am I?

    SolutionA memory.

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    Only one color, but not one size, stuck at the bottom, but easily flies; present in sun, but not in rain, doing no harm, feeling no pain. What am I?

    SolutionA shadow.