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All Triple Crown Of Acting Winners, Ranked

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Triple Crown of Acting winners are more common than EGOT winners, but the achievement is no less spectacular. Actors who have won an Oscar, Emmy, and Tony have all ascended to the top of their professions on the big screen, the small screen, and the stage.

Some of the most famous performers of all time can count themselves among the Triple Crown actors, with the likes of Al Pacino, Ingrid Bergman, and Helen Mirren all accomplishing the feat. Some actors had tremendous bursts of success, such as Paul Scofield who won all three awards in a span of just eight years, while others like Glenda Jackson and Jessica Tandy waited more than 40 years to complete the achievement.

But which of these performers has been the most impressive throughout his or her career? Which Triple Crown of acting winners have left their mark on the pop culture landscape and given performances that will be remembered forever. Vote up your favorites below, then head over and check out all the EGOT winners in history.

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