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Trippy Movies That'll Make You Feel Like You're In An Altered State

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List RulesIf you've seen these films, vote up the ones that are the most reminiscent of a wild trip (regardless of how much you liked the movie overall).

Movies have the magical ability to take audiences to the moon, any country in the world, or any time in history. They can also make you feel like you're high. Directors use techniques like distorted images, trippy music, bright colors, and complex, layered montage to achieve a stoned effect.

Some films that feel like a trip are straight-up stoner movies. No one is going to wax poetic after viewing Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke, but you may get contact high. Others, like Richard Linklater’s Waking Life, pose existential (AKA stoner talk) questions about the mysteries of life. There are movies like Enter the Void, which was inspired by mind-altering substances and uses specific imagery to make audiences feel like they're on DMT. Finally, there are a few befuddling films on this list that don’t involve substance use at all.