The Best Trivia Board Games

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A list of entertaining trivia board games, ranked by game lovers and trivia nerds alike. This list features the top board games for all ages to play, which also test your trivia knowledge on countless fascinating topics. While classic board games are fun, the added element of showing off your trivia skills can bring even more excitement to a game night with friends or family. Think Trivial Pursuit is the only trivia game worth your time? Think again.

There are lots of awesome trivia board games for adults and kids that cover many different areas of interests. Whether you love movie trivia, know everything about the 80s, or can rattle off minutiae from history and world events without a second thought, the seriously fun board games on this list are sure to make for a successful (and educational) game night.

What are the best trivia board games of all time? Trivia games ranked on this list include Cranium, Scene It?, Trivial Pursuit, Wits and Wagers, and many other enjoyable games that will test your knowledge of a vast array of subjects and teach you interesting facts about almost anything you can think of. 
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