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What Celebrities Looked Like On TRL Vs. What They Look Like Today

Updated September 11, 2019 977.7k views15 items

MTV's TRL is time capsule filled with overly straightened hair, low-rise jeans and Carson Daly's black painted nails (may they rest in peace). Though the original TRL is just a distant memory, the celebrities who appeared on MTV's hit countdown show have gone on to have incredible careers – from Beyoncé rising from the ashes of Destiny's Child to Shakira quietly becoming one of the most successful Latin-American artists in history.

But in all honesty, fans have forgotten about what celebrities looked like on TRL, and boy are they some of the most memorable moments from Total Request Live. Will anything ever be as good as Justin Timberlake's ramen noodle hair? What about that time Britney Spears scandalously showed off her belly button ring? Kim Kardashian used to wear Uggs! With all the hair-crimping, platform shoes, and terrible '90s and '00s fashion, stars who were on Total Request Live were icons of an era where guy-liner reigned supreme and Von Dutch trucker hats were an acceptable choice for a night out.

Here are some TRL celebrities then and now. Don't say you weren't warned!