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These 'Tron' Fan Theories Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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Tron was released in 1982, and it took twenty-eight years to get a sequel, 2010's Tron Legacy. Despite these films opening a generation apart, they have developed a legion of admirers. They've also spawned a number of Tron fan theories. The series' rich world and diverse characters make it ripe for such speculation.

Tron is about a software engineer/arcade owner named Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) who is hijacked into the digital world, where he's forced to participate in a series of games involving "light cycles" and glowing discs. Tron Legacy follows his now-grown son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) as he enters "the Grid" in search of his father who disappeared years before. Olivia Wilde co-stars as Quorra, a being inside who helps Sam. 

To get an idea of what fans are thinking, we turned to the forums of Reddit, where movie buffs are always eager to discuss their favorite films in obsessive detail. Users there have generated several intriguing theories pertaining to the world of Tron. It's up to you to decide whether or not they're any good. Vote up the ones you think make the most sense.

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    Kevin Flynn Entered The Grid Because He Was Terminally Ill

    Why would Kevin Flynn disappear into the Grid, leaving his young son Sam fatherless? Reddit user u/Dewgongz theorizes that he must have been terminally ill. Pointing to a line of Tron Legacy dialogue in which Kevin, reunited with Sam inside the Grid, mentions disease, the user extrapolates that he spent those decades in the digital world looking to heal himself and potentially cure others in the real world. 

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      Quorra Is Made Out Of Kevin Flynn's Cells

      Redditor u/ItchCrikkit has a theory to explain how Quorra is able to leave the Grid at the end of Tron Legacy. If Kevin Flynn enters the Grid and becomes data, his physical body must still exist somewhere in the real world. Quorra, meanwhile, has never been anything but computer code. Therefore, in order for her to emerge into the real world in physical form, she would have to be made up of cells formerly belonging to Kevin. 

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        The Movies Are A Metaphor For The Battle Between Creationism And Evolution

        Society has long held a debate over whether creationism or evolution explains how humans came to be. Redditor u/INGWR asserts that the ISOs -- algorithms that developed naturally within the digital world -- represent evolution. Clu, who was created by Kevin in his own image, thereby making him a God-like figure, represents Creationism. 


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          Clu Didn't Want To Overthrow Flynn

          A major element of the Tron franchise is that Clu is locked in a power struggle with Kevin Flynn. But does he really want to overthrow him? Redditor u/GreatMonkeyGod thinks not, arguing that he was merely "a slave to his programming," doing what he needed to do in order to create a perfect system, as he was meant to. 

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