Weird History

King Edward VII Imploded His Reign And Killed His Father Because He Couldn't Keep It In His Pants

The personal lives of monarchs are always incredibly interesting — especially when those monarchs are super into debauchery, like King Edward VII of England. Edward, also known as Bertie, was the son of Queen Victoria, and was the most epic playboy of his time. He was a regular Casanova, seducing women left and right, and sleeping with as many as he could. He even had special sex furniture, a chaise de volupté, made so he could rendezvous with numerous women at once.

The son and successor of Queen Victoria, known for her devotion to her husband Albert and the stereotype of rigidity associated with her time, might be the last person you would expect to get into all sorts of trouble, but Bertie was pretty good at it. From duels with Winston Churchill's father to an affair that may have killed his father, King Edward VII was a fascinating monarch.