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The Best Troy and Abed Moments on Community

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The unlikely pairing of a former high school star jock and a pop culture nerd wasn’t something that should have worked as well as it did. And that's because Troy and Abed on Community were at the helm. It was a joy to watch this mischievous duo get into the most hilarious of trouble throughout the run of the show. 

Here are the best and most magical Troy and Abed moments from one television's best odd couples.
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    Troy and Abed rap in Spanish.

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    On the series’s second episode ever, “Spanish 101,” Troy and Abed show off their foreign language skills as well as their ability to freestyle, resulting in this hilarious rap full of Spanish words that don’t make sense, but rhyme perfectly, which makes it all okay.
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    Troy and Abed get caught talking trash about fellow students.

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    It’s always fun to people-watch with friends and perhaps even provide some funny remarks, but it’s no to so fun when those people overhear what you're saying. This happens to Troy and Abed in this scene, with them not realizing they can be heard until they’ve made fun of everyone in the vicinity.
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    Troy and Abed have to dine and dash.

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    When the bill arrives following dinner, Troy realizes “market price” isn’t what he thought it would be. Aware that they can’t afford it, Troy begins to have a breakdown and Abed advises they run.
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    Troy, Abed, and Annie chloroform a janitor.

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    After Troy and Abed are caught snooping around by a janitor, Annie chloroforms him from behind. The trio tries to concoct a plan to follow it up, which results in more chloroform and even more hilarity.
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