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Weird History
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Inside The Great Truck Nuts War That Consumed The Lives Of Two Businessmen

18 Feb 2020 9.3k views11 items

Anyone who has ever been stuck in traffic while driving down a US highway or along a country road has likely found themselves staring directly into the hypnotizing sway of a pair of Bulls Balls (whether they liked it or not). Bulls Balls - affectionately known by numerous monikers such as "truck nutz," "bumper nuts," "yournutz," and simply "truck balls" - have been a staple among truck enthusiasts since they first arrived on the market in the mid-'90s. But as with any novelty item, the truck nuts origin story is both vague and highly contested by those who lay claim to the rights of this imaginative product.

The truth behind the tailgate accessory is contested by two men: David Ham and John Saller. The highly successful anti-collaborators began producing and selling the glorified bumper adornments within a few years of one another, yet both claim to have beat out the other in the development of the original concept. So, who is the true brains behind this novelty tailgate-flair operation? And what’s the meaning behind the truck nuts anyway? It turns out that the answers to both these questions are confounding at best.

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