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Here's The Trucker Slang You Need To Maneuver A Wiggle Wagon In The 50-Dollar Lane

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If you've ever been to a doctor, flown on a plane, or gone out to eat, you've probably recognized that different industries often have their own specialized lingo. And as you'll see from this list of terms used by truckers, those fearless drivers of big rigs also communicate using a language all their own. Much of this industry speak simply offers truckers more succinct ways of relaying information over their citizens' band (CB) radios. After all, when you're driving an 18-wheeler full of flammable products through the Rocky Mountains, for example, you've got to be in full control of your truck at all times. Sometimes using full-length words prolongs communication and adds extra risk - and sometimes it's just plain boring.

But some trucker terms are clever code words - covert ways for drivers to alert one another to things like hidden highway patrol cars, the nearest pit stops, and other motorists they should keep an eye on. All of this goes to show that every career field is specialized in its way, and learning the industry shorthand makes it much easier to do one's job. Buckle yourself in and take a closer at how truckers speak. 

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    Bumper Sticker

    Meaning: A driver who tailgates to excess. The driver is considered to be so close that they are stuck to your bumper like a sticker. Also known as a "hitchhiker."

    Use It In A Sentence: "I wish I could get this bumper sticker off me. I need to take it slow on these snowy roads."

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    Wiggle Wagon

    Meaning: Not nearly as dirty as one might think. A wiggle wagon is a truck with two or more trailers attached to it.

    Use It In A Sentence: "Dang! It's impossible to handle this wiggle wagon when the wind kicks up!"

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    Georgia Overdrive

    Meaning: The act of coasting down an incline in neutral in order to save on gas. Usually only used by drivers navigating significant hills or mountains with a long enough incline to allow a rig to coast.

    Use It In A Sentence: "There are some pretty big stretches between fueling stops on his route, so Frank's going through the mountains of Colorado on Georgia overdrive."

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    Kojak With A Kodak

    Meaning: A police officer wielding a radar gun. Named after the popular 1970s television crime drama Kojak, as well as the brand of cameras and film.

    Use It In A Sentence: "There was no way I was speeding, but Kojak with a Kodak said I was 10 miles over the speed limit."

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