15 Truckers Describe the Creepiest Thing They've Seen

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A life on the road, hauling cargo from city to city, can be a lonely one. It can also be dangerous and, sometimes, downright terrifying. Take it from these truckers, who took to Reddit and shared some of their eeriest, most bizarre, and unexplainable experiences while traveling highways all over the world. Here is a compilation of the best of those tales, gathered from two separate discussion threads (here and here).

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    The Beast

    From Redditor /u/moonpilot:

    There was a story on here a while back by a trucker who shared his creepiest experience while out on the road. It was getting very late (and very dark) so he pulled into a rest area off the highway in the middle of nowhere. The place was totally empty, meaning there weren't any other vehicles or people there. While he was getting some shut eye inside his truck, he heard a faint sound of a barking dog that seemed to get louder and louder as time went by. Eventually the nasty barking sound was coming from right outside his driver side door. As he got up to look in the window, he didn't see a rabid dog but instead it was some... person looking directly at him, growling and trying to get in. He started the engine and got the heck out of there.

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    Disappearing Hero

    From a former Redditor:

    My first couple years I was a night driver, so it was hard to see things sometimes. But the one in PA was me trying to follow a flatbedder who was haulin serious [butt] through the mountains. At one point I start to fall back because I can feel the van starting to lean. It wasn't long after that I reach down to take a swig off the handy monster I had, and I look up, and there's a guy standing off to the shoulder just outside the tree line wearing what appeared to be some type of soldier's uniform. Looked like [Revolutionary] era, he had a musket as well. As I approach, I can see him staring right at me, and then he starts walking back into the tree line still looking at me. Before he manages to make it through the trees, he disappears. Like literally vanishes in thin air. I had my windows down, and the air in the area got real cold. After about a mile, the air warmed up again. I had a really sad feeling come over me for a while afterward. Needless to say, I didn't stop for the rest of my shift.

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    The High Desert

    From Redditor /u/sh*tterplug:

    Driving from Albuquerque to Socorro. I was on a stretch with no lights. Perfectly dark. I notice someone standing on the side of the road. As I pass him, my lights fully illuminate his face. Nothing about this guy seemed natural. His posture was weird, he was wearing a gray suit... and his face. It just looked 'off', like a mask or something. For about half a second, we lock eyes, even with my headlights blinding him, it still felt like he was looking at me, not my truck. It really creeped me the f*ck out. Shortly after this, my CB started picking up some odd chirps, but I was pretty close to the VLA.

    The high desert is a weird place.

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    Punchlines Don't Take Away From The Creepy

    From Redditor /u/hardspank916:

    I was driving for Costco a few years back. It was around this time of year. We usually took extra toy shipments to various locations due to the holiday season. We got a call that one of our locations in rural Kentucky needed to restock their giant Spiderman dolls. They knew I was a fast driver so I was giving the last minute late night duty. I loaded my truck and headed out on the 265. It was around 3Am when I started to have this eery feeling. I chalked it up to just being tired and popped a couple of nodoze. About 15 min later the road started to fog up. I mean more so than any other time before or since. It got to the point where I had to pull off to the side and wait. There wasn't any other cars on the road and I was ahead of time so I figured I could wait until it cleared up a bit. About 5 minutes of sitting still in silence my truck goes dead. No lights, no engine, nothing... I try my CB but cannot get anyone on. I check my cell phone and there is no signal. As I'm sitting there contemplating my next move I hear what sounds like a child crying. It slowly morphed into a woman crying. Or at least that what it sounded like to me. Now I'm a big man, 6'3, 250 pounds but I refused to exit my cab. I did [roll] down my window and asked if anybody needed help. At that point the crying stopped. Then I heard what sounded like a sinister laugh. At that point I felt like the laughter was directed at me. I [rolled] up my window and it seemed like the more scared I became the louder the laugh went. Then as soon as it started it stopped. And just like that my truck started back up and the fog dissipated. I drove out of there like a bat out of hell. I get to the next truck stop and pull in. I run to the bathroom and pour water on my face and ask myself "did that really just happen?". I go out to the diner and see this fella in a John Deer hat, red flanner, and blue jeans. I needed to know if anyone else experienced that too. I go up to him and say "Excuse me, are you a fellow trucker cause I just had one hell of an experience." He says "Not a trucker, but...."