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People Share Their Creepiest Experiences For The First Time 

Bailey Brown
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Sometimes, people keep their creepy experiences to themselves for fear that no one will believe them and they will look foolish. But unexplained experiences happen too often to too many people to be so casually shrugged off. 

These Redditors shared the strange stories they've never told anyone before, and whether you believe in the paranormal or not, there is no denying some of these tales are creepier than others. 

They Paid For A Scratched-Up Screen Door That Wasn't Their Fault

From Redditor /u/DuckWithDepression:

Back when I was 9 or so... my friend [and I] were having a sleepover. His parents were at a dinner, and his brother was out getting stoned somewhere. It was probably 9 pm, his parents had just called and said that dinner had turned into drinks, and they would be out for a little while longer. Anyway, we were young, playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360, when we heard his front door open. It had a very noticeable noise when it opened, so we thought, "Oh it’s probably just your brother," and kept playing, thinking nothing of it.

Then, we heard footsteps, on the floor above us. We once again thought nothing of it, seeing as his kitchen was above the basement where we were playing games, and his brother was likely there for mid-high munchies... Then we heard another set of footsteps. We were confused at this point, but we didn’t worry as it was either his parents or a stoner friend of his brother... Then we heard a scratching at the basement door.

We both looked at each other like, "Is that just me or is there a scratching" (he didn’t have any pets)... I opened the door and there was nothing there. I yelled upstairs to his brother, "You’re not scaring us. Stop it!" No reply. So I sat back down and continued playing.

Now there was a scratching on the window. We were honestly terrified, and we stayed seated, one of us looking at the door, the other looking at the window. Then, again, scratching at the door. I opened it with a baseball bat in hand, and nothing. We barricaded the door, and put things in front of the window. We didn’t hear anything for the next half an hour, and eventually fell asleep.

The next morning his dad came down and knocked on the door, and tried to get into the basement. We took down the barricade, and his dad came into the room, furious, "Why the hell did you guys rip open the screen door?!" We went upstairs, and sure enough, the front door's screen was shredded. We tried to convince him that it wasn't us, and that the brother had done it to scare us. But what he said next made our blood run cold, "[The brother] wasn’t home at all last night. We dropped him off in the city with his friends." 

Needless to say, his parents didn’t believe us, they called my parents, and my friend and I had to split the cost to have the basement door replaced (it had tons of scratch marks as well) and the screen door replaced. 

They Met A Ghost Whisperer

From Redditor /u/okcool12:

I work as an adult novelty store manager with a theater, so please envision the kind of customers I get. I had this regular who was nice enough, and we always exchanged pleasantries and small talk. One day we said goodbye, and as he went to leave he stopped in his tracks and came back to the counter. He told me that he ignores it every time, but today it wouldn’t let him. So naturally I ask what he is talking about.

He proceeds to tell me that there is an older Black man who is with me 24/7. He sees him every time I’m in the store. The older Black man just stands next to me, watching me and smiling. At that point a chill ran up my spine because no one in that store knows besides my boss that I’m half Black and my 65-year-old Black father that I was close to passed in 2014. I said the usual “wow” and “oh my God” so I wouldn’t give anything away to see if it’s legit.

The customer proceeds to tell me that the man (my father) is sad about his kids not doing what he’s asked them to do, and one particular child has greatly disappointed him. The man (my father) also wants the customer to tell me how much he loves his wife even though she’s married again. At this point I have tears in my eyes because how would this man know there’s conflict between me and my siblings because of my dad's death? How would this man know my mother is married again?

He kept mentioning that he could feel a strong religious pull with my father. My father was a preacher. He told me a bunch of other things and asked if I was pregnant. I told him no, but apparently my next child will have my father’s soul... My 2-year-old son looks like my father and loves his favorite songs.

I have never seen that man again.

Their Daughter Saw A 'Little Purple Girl' On The Ceiling

From Redditor /u/lykaon78

When my daughter was very young (3-4) we were on a family vacation in a state park lodge. Our room had exposed wood ceiling beams to match the decor. It was suppose to be nap time for my daughter, but she was quietly playing by herself and just chatting away, and the wife and I were reading on the other bed.

Out of the blue my daughter turns to me and asks for a piece of rope. I asked why she needed the rope and she nonchalantly replies, "It is for my friend, the purple girl on the ceiling."

My wife asks "What friend?" and my daughter responds, "I’ve been talking with the little purple girl hanging from that wood up there (points to the ceiling beam). She asked me for another piece of rope."

Needless to say, nap time was over and we quickly exited the room.

They Had An Out-Of-Body Experience When They Nearly Perished

From Redditor /u/bapresapre

When I was 5... my identical twin sister [and I] both caught scarlet fever. We are from America, but my dad's project had temporarily relocated us to India, and we were not used to the water and food there. We both fell into a coma toward the end of the fever.

One day I woke up to my mom and aunt screaming and crying and holding my sister because she was unresponsive and not breathing. They were doing chest compressions, but nothing was working. I was desperately trying to get their attention because I was young and didn’t understand what was going on. I went back in my room to go back to sleep, but in the corner of the room where my sister's bed was, I saw her [lying] there, breathing fine. I went back out to the living room and realized I was looking at myself in my mom's arms as she tried to revive me. Eventually, I saw my eyes flicker open... then everything went dark.

I woke up a few weeks later in the hospital next to my sister and mom (who ended up catching it because of us). My mom told me I had almost died and they were trying to wake me up but I was unresponsive, so the ambulance took all three of us into the ICU. To this day, I am still unsure how I witnessed my almost death.