People Describe the Creepiest Urban Legends from Their Hometowns

Sharing creepy stories and urban legends is one of life’s simple pleasures, and Reddit has become the online campfire for users all over the world to pull up a computer and tell their spooky tales. So, if it’s horror stories with that small town charm you’re looking, for then search no further. This Reddit round-up is a collection of chilling lore from across the world, straight from the mouths of locals who grew up hearing these legends.

  • The Legend of Tinker's Hollow

    “I grew up in Ohio. There is the legend of Tinker's Hollow. It is said Old Mister Tinker, a miner, haunts the site. He can sometimes be seen riding his horse and buggy, and if you go under the bridge, you can sometimes hear his buggy pass overhead. It is said that you can see his green eyes glowing and he'll lead you to his gold if you talk to him.

    Mr. Tinker was an alchemist. He made a special non-rusting metal that has never been duplicated. There are tombstones around town that were made with his Tinker's metal, they're pretty neat. Unlike anything you're used to seeing in a graveyard.”

  • La Llorona - The Murderous Mother

    "La Llorona is not a 'hometown' thing, but a cultural thing. She was a woman who was very beautiful, but after she had a couple of kids with her husband she lost some luster and he cheats on her with a young woman. Knowing how much he adores his children she takes them to an irrigation ditch or river and drowns them. She then realizes her folly and drowns herself, but she is forever cursed to wander the banks of the water weeping loudly for her children."

  • Suicide Bridge

    The town I'm from is one-square mile. Everyone knows everyone, and has lived there their entire life. I lived there until I was 11 and witnessed 11 suicides all on the same day of each year. Every death was caused by the person driving their vehicle off a bridge that crosses the river and crashing headfirst into the boulders that lay below. I only witnessed them because I lived on the corner and could see the bridge from my front porch.

    Word has it that a man who was about to be tried for a murder that everyone knew he had committed drove his truck off that bridge and killed his two daughters and wife who were also in the vehicle with him. People say it's the mother who steers people off the bridge because 'if her daughters had to die like that, they wouldn't be the only ones.'

    I can't find any media related to any incidents since I left, and I assume it's because it's a small town and the only news that's reported there stays local. I think it's safe to say that the 'suicides' have continued and I don't plan on going back.”

  • Hatchet Mary and Sweet Hollow Road

    "I live 10 minutes from Sweet Hollow Road on Long Island. There are so many legends that are about that road and preserve, but the most popular is Hatchet Mary. There are lots of variations of the tale, but the Sweet Hollow Road one that I grew up with was that Mary Hatchet was a troubled young woman who lived near Mount Misery (a road off Sweet Hollow) and killed her whole family with a hatchet. It's then said that she was committed to one of the infamous asylums located in the preserve (no one has been able to find proof of these asylums) but Mary ended up burning it down and fleeing, killing hundreds of inmates. It is then said she was caught and hanged. Also there is a cemetery on Sweet Hollow Road and it is rumored that her grave is located there.

    The preserve and road are considered the most haunted places on Long Island. Besides the Mary legend, there is a small bridge that you drive under when entering the road that a school bus fell off of killing many children and also its rumored a group of teenagers hung themselves off the bridge, so when your driving and look in the rearview mirror you can see the bodies hanging.

    There were many car accidents because the road is so narrow. I know of the legend of a ghost couple that wonder the road looking for a ride, will refuse you when you offer, then when you drive away they will be gone. Also there is a police car that pulls you over and disappears.

    And on top of all that hundreds of years ago Indians refused to settle on the land because they thought it was cursed. They saw strange lights in the sky and I have heard of UFO sightings as well as the 'men in black' visiting people who live on the road.

    I've been on the road hundreds of times and have walked up to Mount Misery Road. I have not seen anything, but theres defiantly a dark feeling near Mount Misery, beautiful trails though."

  • The Vengeful Ghost of Jessop Road

    “We have a long dirt road that leads down to a bit of swamp that the older folks call 'N***** Jessop road.' Since it's a horrible name, most of the younger people my age call it just Jessop Road. So as you can probably tell by the name the legend started a long time ago (and as far as I'm aware, this little road has no official name because it just leads to a boat launch into the swamp).

    Apparently, there used to be a big plantation that covered a couple hundred acres of that area back in the day and when the Civil War ended the plantation broke up their land and sold pieces of it to their former slaves and the town. The part where Jessop Road is was said to have been owned by a family of former slaves and is named after a son whom the property was passed to. One evening a group of drunk racists stalked Jessop back to his house from town and lynched him from a tree and burned the shack down that Jessop and his family lived in. I don't know what happened to his family in this legend but a lot of people claim that if you go down that road, Jessop will follow you and try to drown you in the swamp. He is like this vengeful black ghost all the old racist white people are afraid of... and I am okay with this.”

  • The Melon Heads

    “There once was a man named Doctor Crow who lived with his wife on a house down Wisner Road. Doctor Crow experimented on kids with hydrocephalus (hence the large heads.) He was a nice man trying to find a cure but he had some questionable methods of experimentation. He kept the children in cases, some experiments were seen as cruel or tortuous. Mrs. Crow, on the other hand, was the nicest lady imaginable, she would feed and nurture these kids, basically like a second mother. One day, the husband and wife got in an argument and Doctor Crow pushed his wife into a cabinet and she split her head open and died. This caused the children to go crazy. The next time Doctor Crow opened up the cage the children swarmed him and killed him. After they killed him they ate him and discovered a love for human flesh. The children escaped and now live in the woods around Wisner/The Holden Arboretum.”