Graveyard Shift 22 People Who Discovered Dead Bodies Share Their Stories  

Amanda Sedlak-Hevener
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There's nothing more horrifying than stumbling upon a dead body. These horror stories from Reddit users are all true - and extremely disturbing. Whether they are about people finding corpses randomly, or are from the point of view of law enforcement, these creepy stories might just keep you up at night. 

The Skeleton Was Picked Clean

"Worked as a lifeguard on the Central Coast during the late '90s early 2000s. Got a call that a woman was missing after last being seen in the ocean north of the Pismo Pier. My agency responded by sending men (myself included) to help with the search and rescue. We spent all day doing search patterns south of the pier, as that is where the longshore current would've dragged her.

Next day, it was no longer a search and rescue, but a body recovery. We had one of our Harbor Patrol boats on scene and I was riding as the swimmer on the boat. Get a call that patrons at a hotel north of the Pier had found a body in the rocks. My boat was the first on scene and the lady matched the description. But gruesome part... her head, hands, and feet were all preserved and untouched, everything else was picked clean to the skeleton. You don't forget a sight like that.

No idea why, some of us hypothesized that a larger animal took a bite from the abdomen, allowing access to the inner flesh and they just worked "outward." Only problem with that theory is... why did they stop? Maybe a marine biologist on Reddit could explain?"

A Sad Suicide Story

"April 30th, 1991

Came home from school (8th grade) and found my mom dead from suicide. She was sitting on the floor with her back against the front door as if she didn't want me to find her. Someone was supposed to come back earlier in the day and I assume she wanted them to find her.

This was exactly a week after my dad died at home from cancer. It's crazy, I'v been alive longer without them now than I was with them.

He died at home and hospice left all the meds, needles and shit at my house. She wasn't playing around or trying to get attention. She did it right.

Usually try not to think about it. I don't realize it every day but I guess you could say I'm still messed up from that.

They were married 25 years at the time. My dad pretty much did everything and she literally couldn't live without him. Now that time has passed, I try and look at it like at least I don't have to go through losing a parent again.

I try and stay positive. Still miss em both though!"

Buried Since the 1950s

"When I was 14 or 15, I worked construction with my. dad. We had a. job demolishing an old gas/service station.

We had gotten done removing the whole building and were in the process of tearing up the foundation. We tore up a chunk of concrete when we noticed what seemed to be a roof to a car. We carefully tore up the concrete surrounding the car and dug all the dirt out around the car. We climbed down in the hole it was a Chevy Bel Air and it was super cool. We noticed the front of the car was all sorts of messed up and pushed to the right.

That's when I went to take a peek inside and saw a dead dude in all 1950s attire - hat and all. It was surreal. Skeleton with hair and clothes. We called the cops and a couple weeks later they called my dad and told him it was a traveling salesman from Savannah, GA, who had gone missing in the '50s and nobody had any clue what happened to him. The cops then go to the man that had the service station built. The dude was like 90 and admitted to burying the car there. He had been drinking with the salesman and the salesman crashed his car into a train resulting in his death. So the dude who owned the service station buried the car before they laid the foundation."

Killed By a Great White

"I was living down there [San Luis Obispo, CA] in 2003 when a woman was killed by a great white at Avila. I remember it clearly because I had been swimming there only a few days beforehand. Eeesh.

Yeah, there were some mitigating circumstances though. Rain the day before, so there was a lot of run off and debris in the creek that feeds into Avila, made the water more murky than usual. Plus a swarm of sea lion swam around her, making her the epicenter of the group. Case of mistaken identity, shark severed an artery, so even though the Lifeguard was at her within 30 seconds, the three to five minute swim to shore was too long. It was really tragic and a lot of respect goes to the Pismo guard who jumped in. I forget who, but he saw the blood before he jumped and still went."