Unspeakable Times

14 Insane Stories of Cops Who Went Deep Undercover For Years At A Time

There are plenty of movies or TV shows about cops who had insane undercover operations to bust all sorts of criminals - and while these tales seem too crazy to be true, some are real. There are plenty of real-life examples of cops going deep undercover in the pursuit of justice.

Sometimes in order to crack the case, law enforcement officials have to put themselves in some serious danger and investigate from the inside. For undercover cops, revealing their true identity could not only cost them their job but possibly their life. Cops who went deep undercover have taken down drug lords, hate groups, and even busted animal fighting rings. These crazy stories from undercover cops are true and often had huge impacts for all those involved. Cops who had insane undercover operations were often left shattered, isolated, and alone, rather than rewarded.