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Human beings love finding out about the world, so it should come as no surprise that most people love reading about new and interesting facts. The vast majority of this kind of information will leave you saying “wow” or nodding in appreciation at the nugget of knowledge that has just been imparted. However, there are some strange but true facts that seem so outrageous that your immediate reaction to them is that they must be fake.

These could be facts that seem completely counterintuitive to how the world seems to work. Or, maybe they are the kind of thing you would have expected the Mythbusters to have debunked a long time ago. Yet, they turn out to be true and leave you astonished that something so bizarre can be genuine. These are the mind-blowing facts – like how the T-Rex is closer to humans than it is to the stegosaurus in terms of history – that have the ability not only to entertain you but also make you doubt the world around you.

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You Can Hear The Difference Between Hot And Cold Water

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Photo: 247homerescue/Wikimedia Commons/CC0 1.0

Various experiments over the past decade or so have revealed that people can quite easily tell the difference between hot and cold water using just their hearing. The sound given off by pouring water is distinct enough that the vast majority of individuals are able to distinguish between them with almost 100% accuracy. The reason is that colder water is more viscous, which effectively makes it thicker and gives it a different sound than hot water, which is less “sticky” and so produces a higher frequency noise.

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Clouds Can Weigh Hundreds Of Tons

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Photo: Joydeep/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Clouds often have certain properties associated with them – such as being fluffy and soft – that lead people to imagine that they must not weigh very much. After all, they float high above the ground, and they have to be light to stay up there. Right? The truth, though, is that clouds can be incredibly heavy. It makes sense when you think about it, as clouds are effectively just water. Even small cumulus clouds can be as heavy as 200 tons, while the super dense cumulonimbus clouds are able to reach weights of up to one million tons.

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The Surveyors Who First Measured Mount Everest Gave The Wrong Figure On Purpose

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Photo: Rdevany/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Measuring the exact height of Mount Everest was a difficult job, and the first official figure came in 1856, when the Great Trigonometric Survey was carried out by Sir Andrew Waugh. When the measurement was first calculated, the height was revealed to be exactly 29,000 feet. Waugh was so worried that this number would be considered a guess or a rounding-off of the actual height that he decided to add an extra two feet to the total to create a more believable figure. Bizarrely, this actually resulted in a more accurate total as most officials now consider the official height to be 29,029 feet.

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Half Of The Water On Earth Is Older Than The Sun

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Photo: NASA/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Everyone knows that the Sun was around a long time before the Earth. In fact, the Sun’s life first began some 4.6 billion years ago. While that is certainly old, it turns out that as much as half of the water on our home planet may be even older than that. According to research carried out by astrophysicists, much of the water on Earth could have come from interstellar gas that froze when the solar system was first formed. It was then able to travel through space before crashing into the rocky planet humans call home.