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What Happened To The Most Notorious People From MTV's True Life?

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Since 1998, MTV's True Life has shocked and entertained viewers. Every episode highlights a different memorable subject, from the weird to the wild. The most notorious subjects on MTV's True Life made audiences laugh, cry, and realize their own problems really weren't so bad. It might even be the best MTV show airing; it's won multiple GLAAD awards and an Emmy over the years.

But what happens to the most memorable people from MTV's True Life after the cameras shut off? Where are they now? Some of the men and women featured on True Life have made huge changes since they were on the show, while for others, old habits die hard. What True Life stars are up to today might surprise you.

  • Chris Doesn't Usually Use His Cochlear Implant

    Photo: MTV / MTV

    Chris made viewers weep on "I'm Deaf" when he turned on his cochlear implant and heard his mother's voice for the first time. The 2008 episode documented Chris's surgery to receive the implant and its aftermath.

    Since then, Chris attended college. He was working as a mechanic as of 2012, saying he liked working with his hands. He generally doesn't wear the cochlear implant, and uses sign language and lip reading to communicate. Chris discovered he didn't like sound all that much, and found the adjustment to hearing difficult. He does like to use the implant to listen to music, though.

  • Unique Left The Strip Club To Teach Pole Dancing

    Photo: MTV / Facebook

    Unique, who appeared in the 2007 episode "I'm Supporting My Family," was left in a tragic predicament after her mother passed away and she was left to take care of a family of six. Viewers watched Unique struggle to pay for groceries and start stripping to be able to support her siblings. 

    As of 2011, Unique hoped to stop stripping permanently and had started teaching pole dancing classes. She married Stephen, the young man she went on a first date with in her True Life episode, and receives financial help from fans of her episode. Currently, she lists her job as a homemaker/mom, and the happy couple is still going strong.

  • Jim Broke Up With His Boyfriends

    Photo: MTV / MTV

    Love is dead, because Jim from "I'm Polyamorous" broke up with his boyfriends shortly after filming. In the 2009 episode, Jim, Chris, and Tom were all involved in a polyamorous relationship, but Jim was feeling left out, and added a fourth to the mix.

    The trio-turned-quad broke up three months after filming. As of 2011, Jim, Chris, and Tom were all living together platonically.

  • Danielle Became A Jersey Girl

    Photo: MTV / MTV

    From her accent to her french-tipped nails, Danielle was the quintessential Staten Island girl in 2006 - making her the perfect subject of "I'm A Staten Island Girl." She had aspirations of Hollywood fame and fortune, but struggled with her acting career due to her accent. 

    Since the episode aired, Danielle moved to Hollywood to pursue acting, where she met her now-husband. The acting career didn't work out, but she and her husband moved to New Jersey, where they remodeled their home as part of a DIY channel series. They also had a baby.