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Disturbing Stories From People Who Have Actually Encountered The Mafia

Whether you love Mob Wives or The Godfather (and you no doubt enjoy at least one), the organization holds an allure for many on the outside. Mafia lore and mob history have long inspired everything from entertainment to the creation of unions to legal policy framework. 

Though Rudy Giuliani allegedly took out the American mafia, the Five Families, and the Commission in the 1980s, many say the mob is still active throughout the world. Certainly, different countries possess their own iterations of the mob, but even in the US the institution still holds power. These Redditors claim to have encountered it - and lived to tell their tales on the internet. 

  • Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

    From Redditor /u/bogrow:

    The mob would come to my great-grandma's house when she was a girl during Prohibition. Her parents made really good wine and they would come for dinner every week. My grandma said they were always very nice and gave the kids money.

    The same great-grandma's brother got shot in the eyelid by one of the mobsters because he was dating this guy's sister. This was in Hamtramack/Detroit, Michigan.

  • If Your Friend Changes Overnight, Consider Yourself Warned

    From Redditor /u/jonny_lube:

    A friend of a friend is in the mob. He has never mentioned this explicitly, but he grew up in a poor neighborhood as kind of a sorry kid (and not a particularly bright one at that). The first weird shift was when he dropped out of [high school] and ended up moving into the city. He went from being a passive kid to a guy with an aggressive and obnoxious amount of confidence. Within a year he was unrecognizable. There was nothing passive about him, he would treat girls and the service industry like trash, would threaten to fight people seemingly only to exert his own power and he would always tell us lame stories about funny and douchebaggish things his "uncles" did. Uncles we had never heard of before.

    By the time most of us were juniors in college, he was a slumlord and had a seemingly endless wallet and would constantly flaunt it. A typical night out with the kid meant hitting up the nicest steak-house in the area without a reservation with the nicest bottles of wine they had to offer, hitting up the bars and bypassing lines despite being under-aged without fakes (which NEVER happens in Boston), and we would always wind up at some sketchy bar his "uncle" owned after hours to drink until 4 (something I have never otherwise experienced in Boston). All of this was paid for by him and nights out would routinely run this guy thousands of dollars.

    Lots of other hints have come and gone over the years, all suggesting illegal activities and powerful connections. We eventually stopped hanging out with him when during a party, he slipped a $50 to a girlfriend in our group and told her to suck his 14-year-old cousin's d*ck. She got offended (obviously) and told him to f*ck off, to which he responded by slugging her in the face. My buddy hit him and threw him out and we have completely cut him out of our lives.

  • Yes, The Pizza Shop Cliche Is A Real Thing

    From Redditor /u/clanksy:

    Story from my dad:

    My dad grew up in Boston, which as many know, during the '60s and '70s had a lot of mob influence. One day, my dad and his friend (both were in high school at the time) wandered into a pizza shop they had never been in before. It was empty except for a few guys at the other end of the place. The waitress gave my dad and his friend real weird looks. Then my dad looked at the other guys and realized why; it was some top mafia guy having a talk with some other tough guys (I can't remember the mafia guy's name, but he was supposed to be a big shot in Boston). The boss looked at my dad and his friend, and gestured to the waitress to still serve them.

  • Don't Forget About The Japanese Mafia

    From Redditor /u/Zergling_Supermodel:

    I used to date a Japanese girl who was [high school] friends with the daughter of a big Yakuza don. She told me that one night, a group of Nepali burglars broke into the don's mother's house (not knowing who she was), tied everyone up, then made out with everything that had value. The Yakuza boss was understandably rather nonplused; his men had little trouble finding the Nepali burglars, and from there it was one short trip to the shore and another short one at sea before the poor sods got dumped into the ocean with very heavy boots.