Strange True Stories

Convincing Stories Of People Who Claim They Saw The Mothman In Real Life

Often described as a humanoid figure around 7 feet tall with a massive wingspan and hypnotic glowing red eyes, the creature of legend known as the Mothman seems to be connected to tragic events. Across the world, witnesses claim to have seen a creature, with sightings becoming more frequent in the days leading up to horrific events. Two bridge collapses, the Chernobyl disaster, and even the 9/11 terrorist attacks were all allegedly preceded by Mothman sightings.

What is the Mothman? Could it be a cryptid like Bigfoot or something otherworldly, perhaps extraterrestrial in origin? Reports of strange lights in the sky, an unnerving humming sound, and electrical interference have all been tied to Mothman sightings. Many have asked about this creature’s possible motives. Could it have been causing these disasters or should its presence be considered a warning of what’s to come? Like any good harbinger of doom, the Mothman is said to possess a bloodcurdling shriek that’s been known to make those who hear it experience nausea and vertigo.

The following are stories of real people who claim to have seen Mothman and what disasters they experienced - or narrowly averted.