Stories Of Real Repo Men And Their Most Bizarre Jobs 

Nathan Gibson
Updated November 5, 2019 88.5k views 15 items

For most people, the concept of meeting a repo man in person seems surreal. Most already know these ominous professionals only show up when a debtor owes money or has missed payments. Even so, they believe it's an encounter reserved for movies and television, and naturally assume they'd never come face to face with one of these collectors. These true Reddit stories offer an inside look at the world of repo men, removing any unnecessary stress and adding some hilarity along the way.

One thing that becomes abundantly clear is that it's far from boring work. Every day can bring something new, funny, exciting, or dangerous. There are even eerie tales that will leave you gripping the edge of your seat.

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There's Never A Boring Day When You're A Repo Man

From Redditor /u/DocOcarina:

A woman who was about to have her car repossessed jumped between the tow truck and her car, and shouted that she was 8 months pregnant, and if the guy wanted the truck, he'd have to run over her and be a baby killer.

A debtor was having his truck repo'd, so he got in his other car, and ran over the tow driver while he was hooking the truck up.

A driver hooked up a woman's car, and she freaked out, screaming that her wallet was in the back seat. The driver let her open the door to get it, and she jumped in the back seat, and said she wasn't leaving. The driver shrugged, and drove to their storage lot a couple of miles away, with her screaming in horror the entire way. Wasn't 100% allowed, but I totally enjoyed the story later.

Getting Creative Around The Holidays

From Redditor /u/starchaser57:

My company doesn't do this anymore, but... my repo company used to find most of [its] cars on Christmas, Christmas Eve, or Thanksgiving. Everybody goes home for the holidays. He has picked a few cars up at mama's house. Now our company has a repo freeze around the holidays.

People Will Go To Great Lengths To Get Out Of Paying

From Redditor /u/starchaser57:

This is my all-time favorite repo story. Years ago we had a customer that took out a loan for a vehicle. In the beginning this customer paid very well but all of a sudden her payments kept getting further and further behind [until] she was way behind and in trouble. She called the manager to talk to him about what she could do, and told my manager that her son had heart problems and was in a local hospital that specializes in children.

We worked out something for her but she still did not make payments. She came into the office when the other lady and I were the only two there. She told us all about her son's illness and that he may need heart surgery. Her son wasn't even school-age. We'd seen that child. He had come into the office with his mother more than once. We were heartbroken for this lady. She was crying and we were crying with her. I asked if [she would] like my church to pray for her child and her family. She said she would.

Although no names [were] used, a person we knew thought they recognize[d] the family. He went to speak to the family. Later he told me that he must've been wrong because the child of the family he knew was perfectly well.

When he told me the name of the family he went to, I knew that was my customer. She had been lying to us about that child this entire time. Not only was that child not in the hospital, but he had never been sick. Her husband didn't know she even had this loan. He certainly did not know that his son was being used as an excuse for not paying this loan.

My repo company repossessed that car on the parking lot of Toys ["R"] Us on Christmas Eve. It had Santa Claus in the backseat. I still think about that stupid woman and I wonder if she and her then husband are even still married.

Quick Reactions Can Save Your Life

From a Redditor:

Craziest one. I was doing a solo contract on a $120k motor home, I had a set of keys so I figured [it would be] a quick in and out job and it was, got in and out in 5 minutes.

So I'm cruising back to the lot to return it, a 20 mile jaunt, and about 5 miles into the trip [I'm] jamming on some music and I [feel] a cold gun barrel against the back of my ear... Some old dude said pull over or I'm dead and instinct kicked in, I slammed on the brakes and dude slams into the dash and windshield and ends up shooting himself in the gut during the brake test and dies.

Turns out it was some dude frogging the owner's wife in his motor home, so she gets busted and her hubby loses his motor home in one night. Good times, crazy people.