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Stories Of Real Repo Men And Their Most Bizarre Jobs

For most people, the concept of meeting a repo man in person seems surreal. Most already know these ominous professionals only show up when a debtor owes money or has missed payments. Even so, they believe it's an encounter reserved for movies and television, and naturally assume they'd never come face to face with one of these collectors. These true Reddit stories offer an inside look at the world of repo men, removing any unnecessary stress and adding some hilarity along the way.

One thing that becomes abundantly clear is that it's far from boring work. Every day can bring something new, funny, exciting, or dangerous. There are even eerie tales that will leave you gripping the edge of your seat.

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  • Get Them Drunk So They Don’t Cause Trouble

    From Redditor /u/UpperManglement:

    Many moons ago I had an employee who had previously been a repo-man. His best story impressed me with its ingenuity.

    He had been tasked with repossessing [a] vehicle from a number of unsavory folk. Instead of endangering himself, he simply arrived at the property with a large volume of inexpensive liquor and told the debtors that they had won a contest from the local liquor store.

    He returned about 3 hours later and removed the vehicle without incident.

  • Shrugging Off A Bullet To The Chest

    From Redditor /u/_PM_ME_WEIRD_S**T_:

    I used to repo cars in the past. I've had guns pulled on me a few times. My old boss told me that if they don't come out shooting, they probably aren't going to shoot you. It's been pretty true.

    My buddy had an owner run up to his truck, put a gun in his window, and [shoot] him once in the chest. My friend is a big guy, so he took it pretty well. He just hit the gas and took off.

  • The Truth Comes Out

    From Redditor /u/fargaluf:

    My friend did repos for awhile and he told me a story of going to repossess two brand new cars from an address in a nice, suburban neighborhood. The goal was always to just get in and out fast and, if possible, avoid any contact with the owner. For this reason, they took two trucks [hoping] they could each grab a car and get out quick.

    While they were hooking them up, a guy came out and asked them what they were doing. My friend stressed that the guy wasn't pissed, more confused than anything. He told them they were repossessing his cars, and he showed them the order from the bank.

    As the guy is staring at the order utterly incredulous, his wife walks out the door behind him. The guy turns to her and says not in anger, but again just in confusion, “I've been giving you $800 a month to pay for these cars. What the hell have you been doing with it?"

    The woman just started sobbing, and my friend said to his coworker, “Let's get the f*ck out of here...”

  • It Can Be A Deadly Job

    From Redditor /u/Fantapants42:

    I baby sat for a man who worked in a repo job and one of the worst stories he had involved this lady going crazy. So one of his coworkers was called out to repo a woman's truck. The man gets there [and] starts hooking up chains and all the equipment.

    The lady comes running out of her office, jumps in the truck and speeds off. Little did she know... the repo man had accidentally chained himself to the back of the truck. She drug him for almost a mile and ended up killing him.

  • There's Never A Boring Day When You're A Repo Man

    From Redditor /u/DocOcarina:

    A woman who was about to have her car repossessed jumped between the tow truck and her car, and shouted that she was 8 months pregnant, and if the guy wanted the truck, he'd have to run over her and be a baby killer.

    A debtor was having his truck repo'd, so he got in his other car, and ran over the tow driver while he was hooking the truck up.

    A driver hooked up a woman's car, and she freaked out, screaming that her wallet was in the back seat. The driver let her open the door to get it, and she jumped in the back seat, and said she wasn't leaving. The driver shrugged, and drove to their storage lot a couple of miles away, with her screaming in horror the entire way. Wasn't 100% allowed, but I totally enjoyed the story later.

  • Getting Creative Around The Holidays

    From Redditor /u/starchaser57:

    My company doesn't do this anymore, but... my repo company used to find most of [its] cars on Christmas, Christmas Eve, or Thanksgiving. Everybody goes home for the holidays. He has picked a few cars up at mama's house. Now our company has a repo freeze around the holidays.