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19 People Share True Life Horror Stories That Are Scarier Than Any Movie

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The truth is often scarier than fiction. When you watch a horror movie, you at least know the unexplained phenomena present comes from CGI and makeup skills that may as well be inexplicable. But when something strange or scary happens to you with no plausible explanation, you find yourself envying those actors whose only real fear was of not hitting their marks. Finding yourself in a real life horror story is something few people can imagine, and something even less can believe. If you ever face a creepy situation that nobody believes happened, not only are you scared, you're alone.

Thanks to the denizens of the Internet, you no longer need to wallow in the dark by your lonesome. The true horror present in these Reddit tales encompass everything from the supernatural to the just plain strange. The two things uniting these creepy stories are the fact that they're unexplainable, and they're all true. 

  • Her Earrings Oddly Reappeared

    From tidderor:

    "This is true and I wish I could figure out a logical explanation for it.

    I misplaced a pair of earrings I really liked. Nothing special; $19.99 at Target but I wore those earrings all the time.

    Couldn't find them and looked everywhere. I especially looked in, around, under and behind my bed, because I have a habit of taking them off as I'm going to bed and tossing them on the nightstand.

    Three days go by and no luck. I'm getting ready for a date, alone in the house. Still thinking about those earrings and miffed that I couldn't wear them.

    Right before my date shows up, I go back into my bedroom. The earrings are there, on my pillow. To this day it still creeps me out."

  • A Mysterious Six Foot Tall Shadow

    From hughwouldnotbelieve:

    "Okay, this is a personal story, probably belongs in r/nosleep but maybe you'll find it scary.

    I lived in an old farm house that was over 150-years-old in the 1990s and at some point had been used as a headquarters for Union troops in Northern, VA. Lots of creepy things happened there, but this is the shortest story I've got.

    The house had a stone cellar, divided into two rooms and it always made me uncomfortable going down there to get anything for my parents. One day I was asked to find some menial object that was in the cellar, and I knew it would be in the room with the boiler in it, the room that also had a dysfunctional light. So I made my way into the basement and lo and behold the damn light wouldn't turn on, but the object I needed was within the frame of light reaching into the blackness of the room through the doorway. So I walked a few steps into the room, grabbed the object and randomly glanced around.

    In the corner of the room was a dark shadow about six feet in height, and humanoid in shape. No worries though, my dad kept his six foot tall John Wayne cutout in the basement, so that had to be it. I calmly turned to my left and nearly jumped out of my damn skin as I came face to face with John Wayne just inside the doorway and leaning against the wall. I spun on my heels and stared into an empty corner where the dark shadow had been only moments before, and sprinted out of that cellar. I refused to go down into the basement for at least a month after that happened."

  • Creepy Things In The Old House

    From ChiliFlake:

    "My significant other grew up in a house built in the 1800s. All his life he had a hinky feeling about the 'coal cellar', a tiny little room off of the furnace room. When it came time to sell, our contactor/friend asked if we wanted the slates pulled up in that room and a new cement floor poured. We said sure, and they pulled up the slates only to find a much newer concrete slab had been poured underneath. My significant other completely backed out, and had the slabs put back down. Some things are better left undisturbed, I guess?

    Everyone who spent time in that house saw or heard things. It was mostly completely benign, like, every time I passed by his parents' room, I saw out of the corner of my eye, two or three people in older 'dress' standing around in that room. Then I heard another friend who had house-sat for us say the same thing. I even took down the drapes and rearranged the room, thinking it was trick of light and shadow. Nothing helped.

    Same friend staying alone there said he was awakened by people shouting at him. I'm glad that never happened to me.

    Probably the weirdest thing when my significant other was getting ready to sell the house, remodeling the kitchen, selling off the antiques, etc. He was standing near the fireplace with an antiques dealer (near stranger) and there was a largish (4') carved wooden horse mounted above it. It had been there for 40-50 years. Suddenly, the horse jumps about three feet from the wall to land at their feet. It wasn't like the nail finally loosened and the horse fell down: it jumped away from the wall. Freaky.

    Probably the most disturbing was when my father-in-law was 'pushed' down the stairs. The basement was creepy enough, a warren of rooms ranging from the furnace room, the coal cellar, what must have been the wine cellar, etc. But that's where my father-in-law had his workshop set up. The stairs were steep and a bit treacherous. My significant other and I were living elsewhere, as was my father-in-law, but he still used the workshop on occasion. As he claims, one night he was going down the stairs and felt a hand on his back, push him down the stairs. He broke his leg, which took over six months to heal. I might discount this if this was someone inclined to 'woo', but my father-in-law was an atheist and a scientist."

  • Almost Kidnapped Because Of Puppies


    "I nearly got kidnapped. When we were around seven-years-old my friends and I would go play at the park near my house. We lived in a really secluded area, the type where you leave your front door unlocked at night and whatnot. It was starting to get dark, so we all started heading home. I would take a path behind the ball fields while everyone else would go right out the parking lot into the street to head home.

    I got to the furthest point of the park where a side street leading to the street I lived on when a middle aged man started walking towards me. I could see his SUV parked on the side of the road, he called out to me asking if I wanted to see his new puppies in the back. I said no, because I needed to get home before it got really dark. Years later I had a 'holy crap' moment when I realized I could've gotten kidnapped."