People Make An Anti-Bucket List. Here's What They'll Never Do Again

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You've heard of a bucket list – that list of things people want to do before they kick the proverbial bucket. But have you ever heard of anti-bucket lists? What is an anti-bucket list? Well, it's a list of experiences people never wish to repeat. 

Redditors share what they'll never do again, and it's not hard to understand why. Some stories are insanely funny, while others are simply insane – but each of these experiences are likely entries for your very own anti-bucket list. Check out these anti-bucket list stories from reddit and thank God you never had to experience them yourself. 

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    Masturbate With Icy Hot

    From thatskyguy:  

    "Tried masturbating with icy hot, because it'd be like the altoid mint blowjob thing, right? 

    No. No that is not what it is like." 

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    Eat A Carolina Reaper – AKA The World's Hottest Pepper

    From bdizzzzzle:  

    "I ate a Carolina Reaper and even made it in a video with the guy who invented it with millions of views and still won't do it again. I spent 45 minutes naked on the bathroom floor at my friends house it hurt so bad."

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    Go To A Party At A Crack House

    From Empty_Allocution:  

    "I'll never visit a crack house again. Fuck that shit. I didn't even know it was gonna be a crack house and BAM! I don't even do drugs! 

    'It'l' be a great party!', they said. And there I am, sat on a broken sofa in the kitchen. Net curtains soldered to the windowsill with mold. A single depressing red light bulb glowed. A constant throbbing of a booming bass speaker, echoing vibrations through the structure like some sort of, demonic heartbeat of the house. The doors all duct-taped open - even the toilet door. Passed out people everywhere. 

    Drugs everywhere. High people everywhere. Someone lit a fire in the parking lot out back. And out there beyond the burning furniture I could see a sad gazebo. It was upside down. They never even picked it up. Despite not being high I knew the gazebo was sad. He was next in line for the fire. 

    I called a taxi. 'We don't go down that road.' 

    How did I end up here? 

    But I got out alive! And I'll never do that sh*t again." 

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    Run Backwards

    From SoapSudGaming

    "I once ran backwards to see how fast I could go. I learned two things. 

    1. I can run backwards pretty fast. 

    2. Breaking your arm in 2 places is not fun."