People Are Honestly Describing The "Craziest Night Of Their Life" And The Stories Are Seriously Nuts

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What's the craziest night of your life? Does it put the antics of The Hangover to shame? Fans of over-the-top true stories about crazy nights have come to the right place. If you can literally write the manual on things you shouldn't do while drunk, you know what these ridiculous moments are like.

Don't worry, there's no judgment here. Sometimes, you just need to ingest some questionable substances and go nuts. Whatever your twisted tale, you're in good company. Redditors have shared plenty of true stories about crazy nights that are sure make you laugh, cringe, or simply marvel at the human body's true capabilities.

From accidentally joining an orgy to witnessing crimes, Redditors give honest descriptions of crazy nights out and other wild real life adventures. Read on, and remember to hydrate.