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True Stories About Andy Warhol's Life In The Underground Art World

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Anyone who's ever wanted their "15 minutes of fame" has Andy Warhol to thank. Commonly associated with Campbell's Soup cans, pale wigs, and an assortment of strange artists and celebrities working together in a place known as the Factory, Warhol became one of the most famous American artists in history. The Andy Warhol life story is colorful, filled with the drugs, adult pleasure, and creativity that infected the New York art scene of the era. Although many wild tales exist about the Factory and his relationships with celebrities from the 1960s to the 1980s, true stories about Andy Warhol reveal a man who wasn't always in tune with his image. 

Born Andy Warhola in Pittsburgh, PA, Warhol worked as a commercial illustrator before founding the Factory in the late 1950s and rising to fame as a leading member of the Pop Art Movement. His colorful screenprints of soup cans, Brillo pad boxes, and celebrities like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe divided critics. Some saw them as ingenious examinations of the line betwen pop culture and mass-produced art, while others wondered if Warhol's work could be considered art at all.

Warhol eventually traded pop art for other styles, but he remained controversial throughout his career. As a person, Warhol embraced his eccentric personality and obsessed about celebrities, his physical appearance, and expanding the boundaries of art as far as he could. He passed in 1987 due to complications from gall bladder surgery, leaving the world with his unique legacy and plenty of strange but true stories about his life.

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