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Is the Blair Witch legend true? Is there a real Blair Witch? By now, everyone knows (spoiler) The Blair Witch Project is a work of fiction. However, the mythology behind the film does resemble several real life events. That isn't to say the Blair Witch was inspired by these events, but rather that there are many Blair Witch-esque events in history.

This list of Blair Witch-adjacent true creepy legends will leave you with chills. The subject matter ranges from witches to child serial killers. Some are real haunting accounts, others true historical tales of torture and disapperance. All elements of the Blair Witch mythology are covered and compared to these events. Unlike our favorite found footage film, though, these stories are real.

Moll Dyer, the Real Witch of Maryland

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Though Elly Kedward, the historical witch of The Blair Witch Project, is fictional, there is a real legend of a famous witch who lived in Maryland. Moll Dyer is said to have lived in Leonardtown during the 17th century. During the harsh winter of 1697, townspeople suspected Dyer of cursing the town. A group of vigilantes set fire to her house, and she fled to the forest. There, she knelt beside a stone and, placing one hand upon it, cursed the town.

She was found frozen to death a few days later, her hand imprinted on the rock. The rock was moved to the town courthouse, where it sits to this day.

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Elly Kedward, aka the Blair Witch, is said to have lured children to their doom so she could draw blood from them. Around the turn of the 17th century, Countess Elizabeth Bathory did just that in Hungary. Probably the most prolific serial killer of all time, Bathroy is believed to have murdered 650 people.

She tortured and murdered servant girls, as well as peasant girls she abducted. Legend has it she would bathe in their blood to maintain her youthful appearance. This earned her the nickname The Blood Countess. 

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In the annals of Blair Witch mythology, the township of Blair is said to have disappeared, cursed by the witch. The colony of Roanoke, NC disappeared in 1590. Roanoke was England's first attempt at a permanent settlement in the new world. Settlers arrived in 1587, but when ships returned three years later with supplies, the colony had vanished.

All of the houses were gone, and all that remained was the body of one man and the mysterious word "croatoan" carved into a tree. Though there are several theories, the true fate of the colonists remains a mystery.

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The Munich Manual of Demonic Magic

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According to Blair Witch legend, a book was published in 1824 called The Blair Witch Cult. There have been many written accounts of witchcraft through the ages, such as The Munich Manual of Demonic Magic, also known as The Necromancer's Manual. This famous manuscript, currently held in the Bavarian State Library in Munich, is a grimoire (a book of spells and incantations) from the 15th century.

The textbook of magic includes three major types: Illusionist, Psychological, and Divinatory. The manual is a sourcebook for summoning demonic spirits.