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Horrifying True Stories That Are Just Like The Blair Witch Mythology

Updated 15 Jan 2020 203.5k views10 items

Is the Blair Witch legend true? Is there a real Blair Witch? By now, everyone knows (spoiler) The Blair Witch Project is a work of fiction. However, the mythology behind the film does resemble several real-life events. That isn't to say the Blair Witch was inspired by these events, but rather that there are many Blair Witch-esque events in history.

This list of Blair Witch-adjacent true creepy legends will leave you with chills. The subject matter ranges from witches to child serial killers. Some are real haunting accounts, others are true historical tales of torture and disapperance. All elements of the Blair Witch mythology are covered and compared to these events. Unlike our favorite found footage film, though, these stories are real.

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