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Brandon Michaels
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What's it like to be a male escort? It's often less thrilling than you might assume. Although escorts are typically associated with sex work, and sex is a frequent part of the gig, many escorts liken their job to that of a therapist. Stories from male escorts describe how many clients are looking for emotional as well as physical connections, even if it's only for a few hours.

Some male escorts have long-term clients who are more like sugar daddies, who pay for clothing, personal bills, and gifts. But many work on a short-term basis, trading time for cash. And thanks to the Internet, you can read about their experiences. Male escorts describe their jobs on Reddit, sharing everything from tales about men and women to how much they get paid. So, if you've ever wondered what being a male escort is really like, check out these true stories from the male escorts of Reddit.

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There To Help

From jerrygigolo:

"I didn't have any off-the-wall sexual requests. One client did request I wear her passed husband's favorite watch and tie while we were out on our dates, that didn't strike me as very weird though. More something she did to enhance the experience for herself, made it easier for her to feel connected to me. Sometimes she'd talk to me like I was her husband back when they were young (i.e. I remember the first time you saw me), I'd keep quiet and stroke her arm when she went like that. I felt like she had some loss she needed to work through, I was afraid of speaking when she'd reminisce because I didn't want to ruin it for her.

She was in her mid-40s, so it wasn't like she was 'gone.' Had a significant loss and needed someone to help her through it, and I was there."

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The Lucky Escort

From gavrilushka:

"I worked as an escort for about 2-3 years in a big diverse city so my story may be a little different. My price was fairly high as I was young (19) and in really good shape. My clients tended to be wealthy and married in their mid 30s-50s, either curious or closeted. I occasionally would get the nervous virgin or the guy who never tried to top before or the guy who wanted to explore fetishes or other sexual exploration in a safe environment free from judgment.

I also had a very diverse clientele. I'd say half were white men and the rest were from very traditional and religious families. I had a lot of Chinese international students who were stuck with facing an arranged marriage back home or Middle Eastern men worried about their faith and families.

I think the biggest stereotype for clients is that they are sexual deviants, disrespectful or promiscuous. Keep in mind, there is a huge negative stigma attached to being with an escort, if anything most of the men I was with were very careful not to offend me. Also, we didn't always have sex. Sometimes we'd just talk, go on a date, watch a movie or just cuddle.

I feel like I am more lucky than most male escorts. Prostitution is legal here and the brothel I worked at was run by an older couple who would cook us food, help us find stable work and get those of us on drugs off drugs. It certainly wasn't ideal though and I'm glad to move on, but sex work for me was not as negative as a lot of people assume it to be."

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A Social Experiment

From MistaJenkins:

"I had a brief stint in male escorting for a little bit. I decided that I wouldn't service dudes because that's my primary attraction and I wanted it to be all business. Most of my clients were married, older women who were teachers or retired ones. I did it the old fashioned way through word of mouth, starting with getting contacts through a family friend who got me into the 'lonely teacher' circle. All of them were from the next city over and I didn't use my real name because I also decided I wouldn't service anyone from my home town for obvious reasons.

The few times I did this, it was interesting as a social experiment of sorts. You soon realize that you are not only providing the service of sexual pleasure, but mental well being as well. The majority of them were paying me to spend time with me in all actuality. I was their make-shift therapist, but more convenient and slightly cheaper.

One memorable night, I let one of my clients cry to me over Italian comfort food about how her husband didn't feel for her anymore. On other occasion, a client insisted that I stay afterwards and watch a movie with her for an extra $100. I would usually give them a package of $300-$350 if I knew them a bit better and stayed a while.

All in all, it was a good, rewarding experience. I would do it again if I had time, but it can wear on you if they start to rely on you for more than just temporary happiness."

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Choose Your Clients Carefully

From BMGPmusicisbad:

"I was once a mid-range priced Internet male escort, mostly around a decade ago.

The majority of people I met were upper-middle class gay men. I tended to gravitate to and attract fairly benevolent and respectable characters.

A smaller subset of them were married men, or super-rich men, and an even smaller subset were attractive men my age or younger 'Down-low' types of varying socioeconomic status. Very few were overtly unsavory. I never felt I was in danger except for perhaps one instance where I was being lured by phone to a pitch-black courtyard by someone who refused to come into the light.

I never took the money up front. Always on the way out. I only got burned one time. Dunno if I was protected by angels, or I somehow weeded out bad guys with my 'energy fields' or was just lucky. And, I always, always treated my clients with respect and kindness so perhaps I got by safe because I was never abusive and very seldom rude. I just about always showed up sober (even though on my 'days off' I engaged a raging cocaine binge addiction).

I had a few friends at the time who also were in that business, but each person had a slightly different modus operandi and as such, attracted different kinds of people. I also tended to shy away from anything too complicated like role-play. My closest friend at the time had a more 'sugar daddy' type way of doing things, which seemed to produce a bit more petty drama than my way, I was mostly about cut-and-dry hour-long arrangements.

While those days had a lot of memorable fun, it really is sort of an evil rabbit hole that leads you to a dark place of social disenfranchisement, addiction, and 'questionable spiritual trajectories,' the nature of which may vary depending on your belief system.

At the end of the day, there are partial stereotype truths to clientele but truth be told, you get men from a myriad of different walks of life and, who you get is heavily influenced by how you conduct and present yourself in your ads and how you choose your 'customers.'"