People Describe Times The Supernatural Intervened When They Were Up To No Good

Creepy, paranormal encounters sometimes cause people to stop short of committing an action they might regret. On Reddit, people share stories of supernatural interventions preventing them from going to jail, getting hurt, or doing something illicit in the first place. Personal encounters with ghosts might come in the form of loud noises, mysterious apparitions, ethereal warnings, or just a powerful sense of intuition. Are these reports all true stories of otherworldly assistance? You be the judge.

  • A Phantom Voice Told These Kids To Stay Out Of The Library

    From Redditor /u/adaminc:

    Over a couple of weeks one summer, me and some friends (all middle school, grade 7-8) snuck into a nearby school at night and just f*cked around, nothing damaging. Ate candy out of desks, ate ice cream out of the teachers lounge. Wrote notes to teachers and hid them in desks.

    The first night we went in I was going to go into the library, had the door open, but a friend said "no, don't". He claimed it wasn't him who said it though, so we didn't go in. After that night, the library doors were locked, so we couldn't go in even though we wanted to.

    Then one night about 9 days later, our entrance, the roof top hatch, was locked. And we couldn't get in anymore.

    The very next night, some guys got busted after climbing in through the library windows. It seems they had motion detectors inside the library. Pointing away from the door we would have entered, into the main area. Connected to a silent alarm.

    We would have been busted if not for whoever said those words.

  • A Mysterious Voice Saved Them From Falling Off A Roof

    From Redditor /u/Merry_Dankmas:

    My friends and I used to climb the roof tops of buildings a lot in our early to mid teens. One of our favorite spots was the library by my house. It has a ladder on the back side with a gate blocking off the rungs but you could grab the top of the gate and pull yourself up if you jumped high enough. We're all pretty tall so this isn't too much of a challenge for any of us. We got to the top and were about to light our joint when we heard someone say 'You boys better get down right now.'

    We all jumped and turned around but couldn't see anyone. I hesitantly looked around the AC units and electrical boxes but couldn't see anyone. I walked to the edge of the roof and looked down to the sidewalk below but couldn't see anyone either. My friends and I scanned that entire roof top but couldn't find a single person. It was a roof top so it's not like they could have that many places to hide in the first place. It startled us enough that we decided to leave and get high somewhere else. I still have no idea who or what told us to get off the roof.

  • God Didn't Want Them In Church

    From Redditor /u/Tsar_family:

    Me and my crime partner did a lot of stuff. Burglaries, robberies, thefts etc for like 5 years.

    We're both Orthodox Christians, so once in a while we would go to church.

    Anyway, we're walking up the stairs and I see people entering the church.

    The second we try to open the door, it's locked. (Tourists around us were taking pictures and we were the only ones trying to get in).

    We walk away 20m and see people walking in there.

    Guess God didn't want us in that day.

    This is something I'll never forget.

  • A Stranger Knew This Person Was A Thief

    From Redditor /u/Iusedtostealthings:

    So I used to work as a security guard at a large office building. I often stole things like computers, desks, chairs etc from the offices. I was very careful and never took anything during my shift. There were only cameras in the lobby and on the outside of the building, not in any tenant spaces. One day I found a wallet in a desk and it had a few hundred dollars. I took the money and left the wallet. I wasn't on that night, no one saw me enter or leave the building and I wasn't on any camera. A few weeks later a lady I'd never seen before came up to the security desk and told me that she saw me take the money and even knew the exact amount. She said that she just wanted me to know that she knew. Then she left and I never saw her again. There is just no possible way she could have seen me.