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People Describe Times The Supernatural Intervened When They Were Up To No Good

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Creepy, paranormal encounters sometimes cause people to stop short of committing an action they might regret. On Reddit, people share stories of supernatural interventions preventing them from going to jail, getting hurt, or doing something illicit in the first place. Personal encounters with ghosts might come in the form of loud noises, mysterious apparitions, ethereal warnings, or just a powerful sense of intuition. Are these reports all true stories of otherworldly assistance? You be the judge.

  • A Ghost Warned This Burglar To Get Out Of His House

    From Redditor /u/LudovicoSpecs:

    This one night I was boosting some silverware from this old lady's house. She was home, but old people are pretty deaf and damn slow, so I didn't give a sh*t. I hear this strange sound coming from the room where she's watching TV (VOLUME WAY LOUD, GRANDMA), so I go look and she's like having a seizure or some s**t.

    I might be a thief, but I'm not a jerk, so I call 911. They answer. S**t. I don't know what to say. "Hi, I was just robbing this old lady's house and she's having a seizure," so I freeze and say nothing. I wait with her, but she stops seizing and then I hear sirens, so I hide in her tiny front hall closet with the foldy doors and shutters.

    Before the EMT's arrive, she stops seizing. So by the time they get to her door, she seems fine, except confused why they're at her house. They make nice, apologize and leave.

    As soon as they're gone she starts seizing again. So I call 911 again, just in case. Really don't want a dead lady on my conscience. Same thing-- sirens, she stops seizing, answers the door. It's like a comedy at this point with me hiding in the closet, the bad guy with a heart of gold, but I'm not about to pop out and say, "But she was having a seizure!!" So they leave.

    Just as they drive away with her waving an old lady good bye, she falls down and starts seizing again. Now it's just sad/funny. Gotta call 911 again for grandma, but this time I'm thinking about leaving a note or something cause I do want to get the f**k out of there. I call. Wait for the sirens.

    Then she stops breathing. I'm thinking if I don't get the f*ck out of there, murder charge. I hide as the EMTs come through the door, put an oxygen mask on her and take her away. By this point, my adrenaline is through the roof and f**k it all, I feel like I've EARNED the right to take as much stuff as I can walk out the door with and since the house is now empty, I can take my time going through her stuff, silverware, jewelry, cash in a shoebox-- you name it, if I can find it, it's mine. A fee for being a good Samaritan.

    F*ck if the EMT doesn't come back - who knows why? I hide again. He walks into the living room, turns the TV off and grabs a bag off her chair.

    This is the part that f**ks me up.

    As he turns to go, an old man just appears OUT OF F**KING NOWHERE, pats him on the back and whispers something to him. But the EMT doesn't react AT ALL-- doesn't turn around, doesn't pause, just heads back out the door like the old man isn't even there. Then the old guy GLIDES to the front window and stands there, waving goodbye.

    Then he disappeared.

    I'm standing in the closet frozen wondering what just happened and when I feel it. Somebody's breathing down my neck.


    I started running, praying, crying, right out the f**king front door I didn't care who saw. I ran like a b**ch.

    To this day, whenever someone says "scared straight" I try not to remember the sound of that old man's voice. But I always do.

  • A Strange Feeling Stopped This Kid From Stealing A Car And Getting Arrested

    From Redditor /u/shadowofzero:

    When I was 14 (33 now) I used to boost cars for this car theft ring in California. I did it for several months and never got caught. It was more of a thrill and lack of direction from living in a bad area and lack of supervision and authority in my life. I had never been arrested or got caught. I was always a good kid, but I rebelled after my parents split up.

    Anyways, there was one car that I needed to pick up and get delivered that day. The boss man was extremely insistent that the order needed to be filled within a few hours. It was another job like any other. But when I was about a mile away from my order, I got a very uneasy and disturbing feeling. Nothing was out of the ordinary or different from the dozens of other jobs I'd done. But I couldn't shake the feeling. As I got closer to my destination, it was as if it just got noisier and more distracting (in my head). Finally that unsettling feeling overcame me and I bailed out. I saw the car and acted like I wasn't paying attention. I didn't do the job. I kept going and knew I was in deep shit with the boss guy. I decided to lay low because not filling an order was seriously bad news. That guy was not someone you disappointed or you would feel it. He was wrathful and on drugs. So I knew I had to hide for a while. 2 days of him blowing up my pager (yeah, that's how long ago it was lol) then the calls and pages it suddenly stopped.

    Come to find out, word on the street was that the cops pulled a big sting operation and that car I was supposed to steal was being monitored. My old boss sent some other kid to get the car and they followed the kid back to the scrap yard and did a big bust. That guy got arrested. That kid got arrested. A whole boat load of people got pinched. But no one ever came for me. To this day, I know God was looking out for me. At that moment. At that time. And I listened. Since that incident, I never pulled any shit again. I straightened up, got back into school, and graduated with honors. It was all because of that weird, supernatural moment...

  • They Were Warned To Get Out

    From Redditor /u/Kanaraketti:

    Back in high school a group of friends and I would break into recently built houses in our subdivision and use it for small parties/smoking before school. Anyways, one morning I was inside smoking a bowl before my bus arrived and heard someone that sounded like an older lady in one of the front rooms say, “You better get out of here.” I was alone in the house and it was maybe 7:30am, being the little rebel I was and legitimately confused as to who would be in the house so early, I went and checked the rooms. Of course there wasn’t anyone inside and I never went back to that particular house. I’ve lived in the same subdivision for years and multiple families have moved in just to move out months or even weeks later.

  • Their Spiritual Ex Kept Them From Getting Arrested

    From Redditor /u/Mrpig1886:

    I was helping move coke (allegedly) to Queens. I was about to get on the subway on 14th street when I bumped into an ex who is into tarot and sprits (long story) etc. After missing a couple trains we parted ways.when I arrived at building in queens the cops raided the room five minutes prior. I bought a pack of tarot cards just out of respect.