Graveyard Shift

The True Story Behind 'The Entity' Is Even More Terrifying And Disturbing Than The Movie

In 1982 a film called The Entity was unleashed on American cinema-goers and this terrifying experience followed a young woman as she was sexually assaulted and tormented by an unseen force. In this case, reality is more frightening than fiction because the true story behind The Entity is a much more harrowing ordeal than could ever be contained on celluloid. The story of Doris Bither, the woman whose life inspired the classic horror film, is one of addiction, abuse, and spectral rape. It’s not for the weak of heart.

The haunting of Doris Bither was a true nightmare scenario. She was being raped, and her children assaulted, on an almost nightly basis – and there was nothing that could be done about it. The Entity is one of the few movies based on true events that manages to capture the feeling of desperation that the real life counterparts surely felt, but it still can't come anywhere close to the real horror that Bither was forced to endure until the day she died.