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True Story Movie Quotes

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True Story movie quotes tell the real life story of one man accused of murdering his family who takes the identity of a journalist and enlists the journalists help to clear his name. The drama was adapted by David Kajganich from the memoir by Michael Finkel. Rupert Gould directed the film which opened in theaters on April 17, 2015.

In True Story, New York Times journalist Michael Finkel (Jonah Hill) learns that he's being fired from the publication after fabricating facts for a cover story. While his lady friend Jill (Felicity Jones) is relieved that he's done with the Times, Michael still has an urge to do serious reporting, which comes in handy when he receives a strange phone call.

Michael learns that Christian Longo (James Franco), a man suspected of murdering his wife and three children, claimed to be Michael when he was arrested for the slayings. Michael yearns to learn more about the man and visits him in prison. Christian explains that he will tell Michael, and Michael only, the truth, which leads Michael to feel Christian is innocent. As the investigation continues, Michael treads a fine line between the truth and what might be an elaborate scam Christian is conducting.

True Story opens in theaters alongside a bunch of other great films including Ex Machina, The Longest Ride, Furious 7, Cut Bank and Get Hard.
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    He Said He Was Mike Finkel

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    Michael Finkel: Hello?
    Reporter: Hi, my name is Pat Fredo. I'm a reporter with the Oregonian. I'm sure you're buried in all this right now but I wanted to get your side on the Christian Longo story.
    Michael Finkel: Who?
    Reporter: Christian Longo, the child killer, he murdered his entire family out here in Newport. You must know about him. They finally took him down in Cancun last week. You hadn't heard?
    Michael Finkel: No. Why are you telling me this?
    Reporter: Because when they apprehended him, he said he was Mike Finkel of the New York Times... Hello? Hello? Mr. Finkel? Hello?
    Michael Finkel: Hold on one second.
    Michael Finkel: Did he say anything at all about why he claimed to be me?
    Reporter: I hoped you might be able to tell me that. He was just a regular guy, an intelligent, sane man. He comes home one night and kills his wife and kids. It makes no sense.

    Michael receives a startling call from a fellow reporter explaining his connection to a horrible mass murder. While he's disturbed by the connection, Michael is intrigued to learn more about the case and does just that.
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    Who Do You Have to Protect?

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    Michael Finkel: Who? Who do you have to protect?
    Christian Longo: I can't say.
    Michael Finkel: My whole reputation's on the line!
    Christian Longo: Don't give up on me!
    Michael Finkel: Chris, did you do what you're accused of doing?

    When Christian is close to naming who he claims is truly responsible for the murders of Christian's family, he refuses. This makes Michael a bit angry, especially as he's put his career on the line to help this accused murderer.
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    He Used You

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    Cheryl: You had a choice of so many stories to tell and you chose his.
    Michael Finkel: Actually, he picked me.
    Cheryl: He didn't pick you. He used you.

    Cheryl confronts Michael about the work Michael is doing to help Christian. She remarks that Christian is only manipulating Michael, but Michael is clueless about the big picture.
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    So Why Me?

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    Michael Finkel: So, why me?
    Christian Longo: I've followed your whole career. I guess I felt like I knew you. I want to tell you my side of this, only you. Maybe at this point it doesn't matter.
    Michael Finkel: The truth always matters.
    Christian Longo: It always seems to matter to you.

    Chris explains why he chose Michael as the person he claimed to be when he was arrested. As Chris mentions, Michael felt familiar but perhaps there is more to this story.
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