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Teachers Reveal The Weirdest Excuses That Somehow Turned Out To Be True

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Sometimes the unexplained happens. If you're a teacher, then the odds are that you probably think you've heard every student excuse in the book. But sometimes the most outlandish excuses turn out to be true. The only thing more bizarre than some of these crazy excuses by students is that all of them actually turned out to be true. From pets who actually did destroy homework to wild stories that turned out to be legit, the teachers of Reddit share the wildest sounding stories that they were actually able to verify.

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    One Kid Missed A Day To Visit The Hypnotist

    From Redditor /u/ostrich9:

    "I didn't come to school because I was in Mexico at my hypnotist."

    Yeah didn't think one would take a day trip to Mexico for a hypnotist and be back the next day but that was in fact what had happened."

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    The Government Stole A Kid's Homework

    From Redditor /u/shakeelraja:

    That their homework had been confiscated by Colonel Gadaffi's police. Turns out the kid's father worked for a Libyan bank, and the homework was about aerosols. Kid had gone to visit him during the summer break, and it was taken by the border guards.

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    A Kid's Cousin Took His Homework On Vacation

    From Redditor /u/Kenesaw_Mt_Landis:

    "My cousin took my homework on vacation to Venezuela"

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    One Student's Router Melted

    From Redditor /u/gore_schach:

    As a graduate TA for undergrad students I was teaching an online course and all assignments had to be submitted by midnight. A student emailed me (this is important) and said her internet was down and she couldn't submit the paper. As in logged into her email on the internet to email me that her internet was down.

    The way the class was run, if she didn't submit the paper by midnight she got a 0 for the assignment.

    I replied to her email (remember - her internet is down) that if she brought me a hard copy of the paper she could still get her grade. She shows up at my apartment 10 minutes later (I hosted study groups in the community room) with her hard copy paper and a half-melted internet router. She had emailed me from her smart phone that she had for her internship (this was early in the smart phone surge and few people had them).

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