Undercover Officers Share Their Most Unbelievable True Stories

These true stories of undercover cops and agents will shock, frighten, and disgust you. These cops have seen the very dregs of society and were often duty-bound to keep their cover, despite their instincts. From having to do a line of coke, to getting arrested to discover how drugs are entering the prison system, to a drug bust that turns into a prostitution case, these undercover police officer and agent stories will have you shook.

  • A Narcotics Officer Had To Do A Bump Of Cocaine To Keep His Cover

    From Redditor /u/Agent_Kid:

    A friend of mine actually got an award for doing a line of cocaine during a drug buy.

    He was about to do a buy/bust; however, during the transaction the seller told him to do a bump. He declined, so the seller put his hand under a pillow where my friend saw he had a pistol, and the seller told him, "You're going to hit this bump or we'll have problems."

    Prior to the planning of the bust, they were not aware that there would be kids in the home, and my friend did not have time or a safe way to warn the guys standing by that there were kids inside or the suspect had a gun accessible. So he made a split [second] decision to hit the bump to not get shot, and to prevent the kids from being in the line of fire during the bust. He made the buy and immediately went to the hospital. They did the bust later under safer circumstances.

  • They Let An Undercover Agent Get Felt Up

    From a former Redditor:

    Old roommate of mine worked vice in a large city in north Texas. Sometimes he would have to pretend to be a male prostitute and pick up men. He would wear a wire and a team of uniformed police officers would sit nearby in a van and wait for my roommate to give the code word to move in and make the arrest. One night after getting in a john's car he got the evidence needed and gave the code word. The guy starts rubbing my roommates thigh and getting handy. My roommate keeps giving the code word and nothing happens. Turns out the guys were just f*cking with him and let him get molested basically.

  • A Kid Jumped Into An Unmarked Cop Car And Tried To Sell Cops Drugs

    From Redditor /u/ShamelessDistraction:

    Not full undercover, but my dad has cop stories from when he was a DA in Nassau and Brooklyn. One of the kids he prosecuted for selling was caught because he jumped into the back of an un-marked police car and tried to sell the cops drugs. It was a crown Victoria, one of the most easily recognizable police vehicles at the time.

  • Undercover Dad Breaks Cover, Madness Ensues

    From Redditor /u/Golf_wangg:

    My friend's dad was undercover and made the mistake of taking his undercover minivan out for dinner with his sons (my friend and his older brother) they were 18 and 20 at the time. And the guy that their dad was trying to bust was at the restaurant and saw them. He walked over and said "sh*t, I didn't know you had kids" and the dad was trying to play it off and try and finish the meal and go home. When they were leaving the dealer waited for them and walked over to their car and tried to sell them some of the product and they declined. At that point he thought something was fishy and tried to pull a knife on their dad.

    Their dad was an ex-army bad ass motherf*cker and quickly disarmed him and pulled his handgun out to the back of his head and said if you ever try to f*ck with my family again, I'll make sure you won't live to see 30. He went on to bust the guy and he's in prison now. Their dad still suffers from PTSD from almost dying about 4 times.