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Undercover Officers Share Their Most Unbelievable True Stories

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These true stories of undercover cops and agents will shock, frighten, and disgust you. These cops have seen the very dregs of society and were often duty-bound to keep their cover, despite their instincts. From having to do a line of coke, to getting arrested to discover how drugs are entering the prison system, to a drug bust that turns into a prostitution case, these undercover police officer and agent stories will have you shook.

  • An Undercover Biker Cop Couldn't Stop To Help With A Car Accident

    From Redditor /u/DonKeighbals:

    Not a cop but I bartended at a resort where we had a convention for anti-gang law enforcement personnel. Some of them clearly were or had done undercover work. One fella was a huge, tatted up biker looking dude with long ass hair. I overheard a story about how he was with his "biker crew" when they rolled up on a pretty bad car crash with obvious fatalities. He was saying how he couldn't stop and call for help, due to him not wanting to blow his cover.

    He said he couldn’t ever stop thinking about seeing a child that had been ejected from one of the cars and was lying in the middle of the road. He had also stated how it was in a remote part of the state and that help would not come any time soon. Must've been extremely frustrating to not be able to do anything but just ride on.

  • A Former Undercover Cop Always Sits With His Back Facing The Wall

    From Redditor /u/anomalous_cowherd:

    The husband of a friend of mine was an undercover guy in Northern Ireland during The Troubles.

    He would never talk about his experiences, but if we ever went into a pub he could not sit anywhere except in a far corner with his back to the wall, so he could see every entrance.

    If he couldn't do that, we had to find somewhere else to go.

  • A Narcotics Officer Had Their Home Address Revealed

    From Redditor /u/Mankers:

    Used to be a narc in Lower Manhattan. Had to quit because the job just got too stressful man. One time I was under, working with two suspects in arranging a coke deal. Needless to say, we took them all down, but not before the sick son of a b*tches gave out my home address to criminals all over the state penitentiary.

  • A Game Store Owner Helped The Cops Nab A Robber

    From Redditor /u/EnihcamAmgine:

    IDK if I'd count this as me being undercover but I'll give it a whirl.

    I used to own a game store where we buy and sell MTG cards in Maryland. There was a big tournament in Pittsburgh the weekend before where someone's collection was stolen, worth a few thousand dollars. That day, we were visited by someone we'd never seen in the store before looking to sell a collection, a collection matching the description of the stolen collection. I told them that we were interested but needed to set up a longer time to sit down and look through the collection.

    We set up a time for the next Tuesday and they went on their way. We then called the police in Pittsburgh who connected us with the detective. He worked with our local Montgomery county police and they set up a sting. 

    There were three cops in the store pretending to play (One actually knew how and is now a regular) and two more cars outside. When the guy came into the store, I did exactly what I would have done with a regular collection. Rung it up, negotiated and paid the guy for the collection. Once the money exchanged hands, the cops busted him. Collection was returned to the kid in Pittsburgh and the guy ended up with some plea deal involving probation.