17 People Share Their Most Unexplainable Experiences

No matter what you believe about the world, almost everyone has experienced an unexplained event. Some people are hesitant at first to tell others about these occurrences, but when one user asked these Redditors to share their unexplained experiences, they willingly complied, and their stories are truly unsettling.

These real-life stories could be the result of something paranormal, or they could just be missing important information - regardless, there is little to no rationality behind them. 

  • Their First 'Confirmed Dead' Patient Came Back To Life

    From Redditor/u/spiderinside:

    I’m an ER doctor currently. When I was in med school we had a chronic respiratory failure patient who was DNR/DNI [do not resuscitate/do not intubate]. During our morning rounds, [a] nurse called us to [his] bedside for vital-sign check. Guy was deader than a block of wood. No pulse, no breathing, pupils fixed and dilated, etc... My senior resident was like, "This is a great chance for you to confirm your first dead body."

    We write up his death note, make arrangements... An hour later, we get called by the SAME nurse, "Uh, this guy is alive and talking to me." Sure enough, homeboy is wide awake and Chatty Cathy. He got discharged a few days later. I kept tabs on him until I finished med school. He lived at least another 1.5 years.

  • They Saw A Bird-Size Human

    From Redditor/u/jnhummel:

    A friend [and I] saw a teeny-tiny person.

    This was in the '90s... [T]here was a really nice pub about a mile from where my friend Jason lived, and the walk there from his house took us along one of the canals (this was in England, the West Midlands, to be precise). One evening I'd gone over to his house, we'd walked over to the pub, had a couple of pints, something to eat, and were on our way back.

    It wasn't late - early evening and still a decent amount of light. We're walking down the track beside the canal when we hear a splash in the water behind us. Turning around, we see - about 40 feet away - the ripples of something moving through the canal toward the bank. Now both of us were keen birdwatchers at the time, so we were guessing it was something like a coot or a moorhen. So we were both pretty shocked when what looked like a tiny little man, about 8 inches tall, climbed out of the water, shook himself off, and dashed into the hedgerow.

    We were both frozen for a few moments before we headed to the spot where the little man [got] out of the water. Didn't find any trace of him. We got back to Jason's place and spent a couple of hours trying to rationalize it, but there was no other animal or bird we could think of that we might mistake for a tiny person.

  • Their Overwhelming Fear Saved Their Life

    From Redditor/u/boy_robot_Sky:

    This is a dark one. It happened when I was around 11, [when] my parents and I went on a trip to Austria and... visited a theme park. In the theme park was a jumpy thing; there was a 1-[meter], 2-[meter], and 3-[meter] pole, and you could jump down on this huge cushion. I wanted to try, and went straight up the highest pole.

    I've jumped down those poles before a few times, but that time I was just terrified. I don't know why, but all... of a sudden I was shaking and scared for my life; it was this deep kind of fear [I'd] never felt before. My mind was telling me not to jump. Which didn't make sense because I just jumped down there and it was fun. So I let the kid behind me go first.

    She died. The cushion had a leak and she broke her neck. She was 9 years old.

    I climbed down and will never forget this. If I had jumped, I would be [gone], and I can't stop feeling like fate wanted me on that day and not her.

  • Their Gut Feeling Saved The Whole Family

    From Redditor/u/Nervousnessss

    I’ve had this feeling. I was much older (16). My father and brother were both in bed already. They had been sick and had taken NyQuil so they were asleep, hard. My aunt had cancer and my mother was staying with her to help. I called my mother and told her, "I can’t sleep. I feel like I’m going to [perish]. Like I just know if I go to sleep I won’t wake up." Mom convinced me I was just stressed out (it was a bad year... She told me to just sleep on the sofa. I tried but I couldn’t shake the feeling. Eventually I went and laid in my bed, and I dozed off.

    I woke up to flames. The house next door to ours had fully caught fire. My bedroom was closest to the property next door and my roof had caught fire as well. I got my family out of the house and got the fire department there. Had I slept on the sofa, by the time I had realized the house was on fire we wouldn’t have had a clear path out.

    Dad called Mom and told her about the fire. Mom LOST IT. Never again has she tried to rationalize my "gut feeling."