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20 Stories That Sound Like Urban Legends, But Are (Mostly) True

Updated September 23, 2021 1.2m views20 items

Have you heard the urban legend about the spiders that exploded out of the banana? How about the story of kids finding drugs mixed in with their Halloween candy? Well, those tales, and so many more true urban legends, are waiting to scare the pants off you in this collection of stories that sound too crazy to be true. Everyone grew up in a town with at least one piece of strange mythology that sounded too far fetched to be real; these stories prove even the strangest urban folk tales have a kernel of truth.

Have you ever wondered whether the creepy tales of babysitters being hounded by mysterious callers or people dying from atomic wedgies come from a real place? This list delves into crazy true stories that are the obvious catalysts for real-life urban legends and modern myths. After you check out these urban legends that are (mostly) true, leave us a comment about your local legend that’s totally true and not made up at all. 

  • Stalker Hides Under Teen Girl's Bed

    If you've ever been worried about finding yourself trapped inside a real-life horror movie, you're not being unreasonable, because this girl lived it. In July 2014, a teenager living in Ellesmere Port, England received texts from a random creeper named Kyle Ravensport, who claimed he was watching her. Ravensport also told the girl he would hang himself outside her window, so she would wake up to see his dead body swaying in the breeze.

    Over the course of his creepezoid texting spree, Ravensport scared the girl so badly she slept in her mom's room that night. Good thing, because the next morning she discovered Ravensport sleeping under her bed. Heinous.

  • Man Dies from Atomic Wedgie

    Stories of kids dying from atomic wedgies are about as believable as that story of a guy dying from breathing his own farts. However, as it turns out, at least one unlucky wedgie recipient died from the childish prank. In December 2013, Brad Lee Davis and his stepdad, Denver Lee St. Clair, got into an argument that culminated with Davis giving St. Clair an atomic wedgie so brutal he was choked to death by the elastic band on his manties.

    Davis, a former Marine, pleaded guilty to first degree manslaughter in 2015. As per an article in The Oklahoman, "The man who killed his stepfather with an 'atomic wedgie' told a judge Wednesday, 'It’s like a bad dream.'"

  • The Craigslist Killer

    Remember all those stories you heard about people being lured to their deaths over AIM by guys with screen names like "Slavemaster?" Well, this story of a woman who met a someone on Craigslist is a lot like that, but it's real.

    The crimes began in 2009, when medical student Philip Markoff arranged appointments for sexual favors on Craiglist with women, including a masseuse, an exotic dancer, and an escort. Upon meeting them, Markoff, who was only 23 when he was arrested, brutally murdered the women, employing methods such as bludgeoning and close-range shooting. After Markoff was arrested - on his way to a casino with his fiancé - police found pairs of underwear stolen from victims stuffed in his box spring, and a number of burner phones. 

    In prison, Markoff committed suicide by cutting major arteries, securing a plastic bag over his head with gauze, and swallowing toilet paper, so his airway would be blocked. Before doing this, he wrote his ex-fiancé's name on his cell door in blood. 

  • Killer Feeds Victims to Strangers

    In 1995, Joe Metheny killed two prostitutes, chopped them up, mixed their meat in with pork, and sold them as pulled pork sandwiches. Notoriously hyperbolic British tabloid The Sun describes Metheny as "morbidly obese and with a bloodlust few have rivaled..."

    According to Metheny, "I had real roast beef and pork sandwiches. They were very good. The human body taste was very similar to pork. If you mix it together no one can tell the difference.” Metheny's story sounds like the kind you hear in every small town and knowing that it could really happen makes it even scarier.