marriage Secret Confessions People Waited Until Their Wedding Day To Share With Their Spouses  

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Everyone has secrets. But if there's one person many secretive individuals would confide in, it's their long-term partner. By the time most people get married, there's not much they don't know about their significant other. Still, there are plenty of confessions people waited to share with their spouses – and while some are funny or weird, some are true horror stories.

Redditors are sharing true stories about spouses' secrets, and their tales have to be read to be believed. These secret wedding day confessions range from surprise family members to criminal pasts to shocking health scares. But all of these confessions have one thing in common: they were revealed to someone's spouse after they'd already gotten hitched, when it was too late to do anything about it.

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He Was A Rapist And A Cheater

From danibobanny:

“He had had a 4-year sexual relationship with his best female friend, that he swore up and down he'd never dated.

Also that he had raped his sister when he was 12 and she was 11.

I picked a winner, right? He never told me about these things. I found evidence of thing 1 and the sister told me about thing 2.

We are divorced.”

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His "Dead" Mother Was Alive

From condimentia:

"His mother was alive. He gave me a sob story about losing his mother to a heart attack in a grocery store, and of course I was all about comforting him. We dated and eventually married, but what could he say – 'I [lied] about my mother dying?' So he just kept her a secret. I later found a card from her, to him, for his birthday, in the garage, wedged in some books. I was horrified to find out I had a mother in law, and, hadn't invited her to our wedding.

We divorced after 3 years. She was a lovely woman and treated me very kindly, knowing I had no idea and believing I was horrified by the circumstances. She wasn't surprised at his duplicity and later regretted not warning me about her son, but, she had hoped I'd be a 'fix' for him. I wasn't."

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She Had Robbed A Bank

From Fire_In_The_Skies:

"She was a bank robber.

She told me she had saved up $700 from working summer jobs and babysitting while in high school. We get married, and get on our way to Branson (Honeymoon Capitol of America, amIrite?). On the way, she confesses to me that she did not in fact save up $700 from part time jobs. She admits she has saved up over $7000 from her jobs!!!

So, we go on an extravagant (for me) week long spending spree of a honeymoon. We do EVERYTHING! Helicopters, boat rentals, every show, see a souvenir- we buy it. Oh a quilt? $500? Sure! We spent over $6500 extra on this trip.

We get home on a Sunday afternoon. We both have to return to work the next morning. There are several messages on the answering machine (This was in 2000, before either of us had cell phones). The third or fourth message plays. It is her boss from the BANK she works at telling her to contact him at once, that there is an issue they need to discuss, and leaves a number. Up to this point, I am in the dark, but by Monday morning it has all hit the fan.

I learn that there was no mysterious savings account from high school. I learn that she had been transferring money from a couple large accounts on a regular basis into HER OWN account. The total was somewhere north of $7700. The bank was pissed, the clients were pissed, the authorities were already neck deep this and they were scary, to say the least.

After several meetings, it was decided that if WE made full restitution, the bank would not press felony charges. So, we now have one unemployed wife who is likely UN-employable, one scared husband desperately trying to get his bank-thieving wife a job anywhere, and one debt, due immediately, for $7700.

We gather ALL the money left over, borrow $500 from her parents, $5500 from mine, and my next paycheck. (You wanna know stress? Ask your parents to help you pay back money your new wife stole from a bank.) We get the bank paid back by the end of the week.

After several weeks, things have died down some. She is working at McDonald's (I pulled strings with manager friends) and we have begun paying back the parents. We actually don't hear anything for a while and the immediacy of the crime has subsided. In fact, it wasn't until 2002 that we were contacted to appear in court.

We were still young and ignorant, so we get lucky here. The 'feds' were easy to work with. The bank didn't make a huge deal about it since the money was returned. It is a small town bank, (two branches total) so somehow we avoided any real heavy issues. We took the advice of some guy who represented the bank, and really we just wanted this part of our lives to be over, so we would have done anything. She went in to court, sans lawyer, and plead guilty to a class C misdemeanor. The judge gave her 2 years probation and the restriction of never working at an FDIC establishment.

And this is how my life as a married man began."

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She Had Herpes

From kokaneeranger:

“Herpes. Wish I was kidding. Found out from her obstetrician when she was six months pregnant and we went in for an appointment and his first question to her was, ‘How's the herpes, any flare ups?’”