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Trump Terminated The Entire Presidential Advisory Council On HIV/AIDS: Here's Why That's A Bad Move

Updated 4 Apr 2018 1.1k views15 items

Another day, another catastrophe in the Trump White House. On December 29, 2017, Trump decided it would be best to ring in the new year without the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. He fired everyone and completely disbanded the council.

The council was started by former President Bill Clinton in 1995 at the behest of medical workers and activists who recognized the need to combat the epidemic, and for more than 20 years it's made great strides in helping promote research and policies that have decreased HIV/AIDS-related deaths and infections in the US.

Trump's firing of the HIV/AIDS council has far-reaching effects. The council had been fighting Trump's desire to take $150 million out of the HIV/AIDS budget at the Center for Disease Control, as well as lobbying against harmful educational policies that will undermine safe sex education. The entire move is a step backwards, as the community of those infected with HIV or AIDS has fought tremendous battles, not just with their health, but with society as a whole. HIV/AIDS has been riddled with conspiracies, rumors, stereotypes and myths that have been debunked by science for years (you can't get AIDS from sitting on the toilet, kids). While the perception of HIV/AIDS has changed for the better, there is still much work to do — and disbanding the experts who are working on the case is not helping that.

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