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Porn stars and presidential elections aren't exactly a combination you'd expect to read about at the same time. But time and time again, this 2016 election has proven that just about anything can happen. Believe it or not, porn stars are very political. And whether these aspiring presidential candidates want their endorsements or not, plenty of porn stars have been happy to loudly and proudly support their favorites. According to some recent polls and interviews, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump hold the highest approval rating among members of the adult film industry. An unconventional career definitely calls for an unconventional politician. It appears as though this year, the porn star community has opted for the anti-establishment vote. Although Sanders and Trump hold relatively equal grips on the adult film vote, more porn stars have been publicly speaking up for Trump. 

Perhaps more so than ever, porn stars have been coming out of the woodwork to express vocal support for Donald Trump. What it is about the businessman-turned-politician that gets adult film stars hot and heavy is up for debate. But I think we can all assume his playboy lifestyle and uncensored soundbites are in sync with certain values of the adult film industry. However, an argument can also be made for the opposite, in that Trump's treatment of subversive and non-traditional subcultures (as well as women in general) would not be to the porn industry's benefit. Nonetheless, here are some notable porn stars who happen to also be Trump supporters.
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Although fans were surprised, Jenna Jameson's long history of conservative politics isn't anything new. The adult film actress previously supported Mitt Romney in his run against President Obama in 2012. Jameson made her support of Trump known via Twitter when she got into a heated exchange with some (former) fans.

In one tweet, Jameson even said she'd "be happy to be compared to @realdonaldtrump."

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Amy Lindsay
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Amy Lindsay is a retired adult film actress. But the former porn star made headlines after an ad she appeared in for the Cruz campaign was quickly pulled following the revelation of her past career. Lindsay ultimately got the last laugh when she publicly endorsed Trump following the controversy. Lindsay, who starred in films such as Confessions of a Lap Dancer, had this to say about Trump: "I like what he stands for. I think people are really attacking him and lying about him, and I kind of know how that feels. He's the front-runner but he's also kind of, especially in this last week or so, become kind of an underdog."

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In a video series called "Ask a Porn Star," popular adult film actress Franziska Facella was asked who riles her up... at the polls. According to Facella, Trump "just says it how it is and he gets things done!" 

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Nude model, dimension-hopper, and the Illuminati's number-one most wanted Tila Tequila has been incredibly outspoken when it comes to her support for Donald Trump (among a handful of other things). Tila had this to say about Trump: "I think that [he] is someone who is refreshing, new, and very honest, and that is something we need right now in our country. Everyone else is recycling the same story and I think Donald is something new and speaks to the people more."

Besides her active promotion of Trump via Twitter, Tila has also advocated for the new Nazi regime she is hoping will follow his potential election. 


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