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What's It Really Like Inside Trump Tower?

Updated October 13, 2018 7.2k views15 items

Trump Tower, the Fifth Avenue property that’s partially owned by the President of the United States, has become a strange piece of Americana since its namesake's inauguration. 

The building – which used to be a regular high-rise – is now subject to intense security. Every day, throngs of people mob its front doors hoping for a peak at Trump or a member of his family. 

Like many of Trump's businesses, secrets abound in Trump Tower; there are bomb sniffing dogs, strange, unmarked doors, and an exceptionally nice staff. Every Trump Tower guest has a different take on what it’s like to live in the president’s high-rise, and each story is incredibly fascinating.

  • More People Are Visiting Trump Tower Than Ever


    Now that Trump Tower is owned by the President of the United States, a record number of tourists are stopping by.

    According to Business Insider, crowds of people storm the building every day to take photos, argue with each other, and gawk at the property. Two employees said they feel like the location has a record number of visitors.

    Trump Tower's most infamous visitor is the Naked Cowboy, the street performer who used to spend all his time in Times Square. He's thrown his support behind Trump and now sings politically charged songs while walking around out front in his underwear. 

  • A Lot Of Criminals Live In Trump Tower

    A Lot Of Criminals Live In Trump Tower
    Photo: fabfotophotography / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Most of Trump Tower's tenants are wealthy people you've never heard of, and a select few have been involved in all manner of illegal activities.

    There's Hillel Nahmad, an art collector, who's been in the building since 1999. In 2014 he went to prison for running a gambling ring. One of his neighbors, Ernie Garcia, plead guilty to bank fraud in 1990; another tenant, Jose Maria Marin, is serving a prison sentence after trying to bribe members of the FIFA board. 

    Steven Hoffenberg, who served 18 years in prison for running fraudulent businesses, believes, "Mr. Trump is very objective. Renting space has nothing to do with color or race or indictment. It has to do with if you can pay the rent."

  • The Building Isn't As Tall As Trump Says It Is

    The Building Isn't As Tall As Trump Says It Is
    Photo: Geff Rossi / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Trump has a proven record of misconstruing facts. While many of his incorrect assertions involve global politics or national law, it turns out his knowledge of Trump Tower is also somewhat foggy. 

    Officially, all of Trump Tower's marketing claims the building is 68 stories tall, but that's only true if you buy into some tricky math. When constructing the building, workers skipped over floors 6-13, as well as 27-29. Even though the top of the building is technically floor 68, there are not 67 stories below it. 

  • Trump Doesn't Actually Own Most Of The Trump Buildings

    Trump Doesn't Actually Own Most Of The Trump Buildings
    Photo: damiandude / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0

    Even though his name is plastered on almost every building he has financial stake in, Trump actually maintains a pretty hands-off relationship with his properties.

    Excluding Trump Tower on 5th Avenue, Trump's company simply acts as building management. The Trump Organization is the president's real estate company, and while it oversees many properties, it doesn't actually own them. Instead, these locations are just using Trump's name as part of a licensing agreement. 

    For instance, the Trump Organization provides "security, utilities and janitorial service" for a clock tower run by the National Park Service even though it doesn't own the clock tower.