Every Time Trump Has Tweeted About Kim Jong-un  

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If you keep track of Trump's tweets, here you'll find everything he's tweeted about Kim Jong-un. This list is ordered by date and starts with the most recent tweets.  

President Trump's term has been fraught controversy, including either outrage or enthusiasm over his Twitter feed, depending on which side of the aisle you're on. If you browse the tweets from @realdonaldtrump, you can't help but notice there are some common themes. As Trump tries to mend America's relationship with North Korea, the rate at which Trump tweets about Kim Jong-un has sky-rocketed. 

Trump is the first US president to communicate official White House statements via Twitter. Kim Jong-un, frequently referred to as "Little Rocket Man" by Trump, has been a common theme in Trump's tweets. From spouting insults to reporting big progress and successful meetings, Trump has been tweeting relentlessly about the North Korean leader. Read through this list of Trump tweets about Kim Jong-un to witness the ever-evolving relationship Trump has cataloged about North Korea's leader, all via social media.

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April 18, 2018: Trump Announces A Meeting Between Mike Pompeo And Kim Jung-Un

March 28, 2018: Trump Shares A Message He Received From China's President Xi Jinping


March 28, 2018: Trump Expresses Hope For Denuclearization In North Korea

March 10, 2018: Trump Claims The Press Was Surprised By His Progress With Kim Jong-un