Every Time Trump Has Tweeted About 'The Media'  

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If you want to keep track of Trump's tweets, here you'll find a list of everything he's said about the media, ordered by date starting with the most recent. 

Donald J. Trump has, in the last several years, become well known for his frequent use of Twitter. Previous to Trump's election, presidents participating so candidly on social media was rare. Critics have knocked the president's tweets as un-presidential, while supporters feel Trump's tweets show an admirable ability to confront criticism and call out wrongdoing. The things Trump tweets about are frequently related to recent headlines, such as his relationship with Kim Jong Un and his disagreements with various politicians. The media itself is also frequently mentioned on the president's Twitter feed. Trump has criticized various modern news outlets for inaccuracy and has many times taken to Twitter to express his thoughts on the media at large. 

Tweets from @realDonaldTrump regarding the media are frequently highly critical. While Trump sometimes praises Fox News, he often feels other news outlets perpetuate fake news and are biased against him and his administration. Whether you agree or disagree, it's important to stay informed on any president's relationship with the press. Below is a collection of the every time President Trump addressed the media through his Twitter page, with some tweets dating back long before his presidential campaign even began. 

Trump Blames Media After Bombs Are Sent To CNN And Democrats


Trump Claims The Media Misreported His Meeting With Putin


Trump Claims Media Falsely Reported He Was Rude To Leaders At NATO Summit


Trump Feels The Media Inadequately Covered The NATO Summit