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Sorry, The Keto Diet Isn't The Weight Loss Solution You've Been Dreaming Of

Do fast food restaurants really serve keto-friendly options? If your New Year's resolution to hit the gym daily has failed already and you need to keep looking for a weight loss solution - the keto diet is not it. The keto diet is nothing more than another fad diet, designed to drop weight quickly... then watch the pounds come back quickly. 

Potentially damaging your metabolism, getting ketoacidosis, bad breath, and calcium loss are all reasons why you should never try the keto diet. Originally meant to help epileptic kids, it was not designed for sustainable weight loss. You'll drop pounds quickly as your body is forced to use its emergency fat storage as fuel, but as soon as you start eating carbs again, the weight will come back - especially because a lot of what you'll lose is purely water weight. 

Despite celebrity endorsements (or perhaps because of celebrity endorsements), the keto diet is full of hoaxes and myths. You'll find conflicting information everywhere, since there have only been a few small studies on the keto diet and no large-scale studies. While a high-fat diet may seem like a dream come true, you're not going to be living off of Sour Patch Kids and tubs of Duncan Hines frosting. The keto diet is all about healthy fats, so dream on.