Hilarious Spot-On Truths About Tinder

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In many ways, Tinder revolutionized dating, but it also revealed many, many truths about dating in the age of technology. Tinder truths, which honestly mitigate most of the positives about Tinder, resonate best through the biting, sardonic humor of the Internet, the entity which made Tinder possible in the first place. What began as a seemingly innocent and easy way to hook up has now become a minefield of bad decisions and terrible bios. Ironically, in its attempts to remove social anxiety from meeting someone, Tinder actually introduced its own form of digital anxiety that muddles the dating pool, making the "other fish in the sea" impossible to find.

Below you will witness brutal truths about Tinder through funny Tinder Memes, which hopefully can help you navigate a world plagued with match bots, ghost-ers, and rather unhelpful profile pictures. Which of those six guys is Kyle?! Before you start swiping again, take a look at these Tinder truths to prepare you for more WTF Tinder profiles and Tinder horror stories. Be careful who you super like, and be even more careful who super likes you. If it feels bereft, swipe left.

  • 1. Group Activity

    Group Activity
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  • 2. Message Received

    Message Received
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  • 3. The Ugly Truth

    The Ugly Truth
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  • 4. First World Fugly Problems

    First World Fugly Problems
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  • 5. As Far As The Eye Can See

    As Far As The Eye Can See
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  • 6. Sausage Party

    Sausage Party
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