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Photos You'll Really Relate to If You're Trying to Save Money

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We've all been there - one minute you're swearing to the heavens that this will finally be the day you start saving money for real, and the next things go wrong. . . terribly wrong. Perhaps it's a pair of shoes peering out at you from a shop window or a super-sized lunch deal just begging to be consumed. Regardless of the temptation, you're left with nothing at the end of the day but the cold hard knowledge that you've succumbed to a meaningless purchase. . . again. 

Rest assured that the people who made these trying to save money memes feel you. Here you'll find a collection of funny photos as people, characters, and even Kermit confess what "me when I'm trying to save money" really looks like. Suffice to say it's not pretty. . . not pretty at all. 

So the next time you're itching to make your credit card make one more luscious swiping sound, look at these funny pictures instead. These memes about saving money are here to assure you that not only is the struggle real, but that you do not face it alone.

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    DIY: Nailin' It

    Photo: madsmom80 / via instagram
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    A Girl Can Dream

    Photo: naturallycheeky / via instragram
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    A Tale as Old as Time

    Photo: savannahjade5 / via instagram
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    Wow, So Smart

    Photo: kerislove / Instagram
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