Weird Nature Crazy Post-Apocalyptic Looking Pictures From The Deadly Fires In NorCal  

Joe Donley
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While August and September are known as prime time for hurricanes hitting their mark in the Southeastern United States, October in California is infamous for its horrifying display of wildfires. This is caused by a duality of conditions. First is the collection of dry brush and overgrowth that accumulates when there are no smaller wildfires to remove them. Second are the hot, dry, high-speed winds caused by high pressure systems that blow that time of year. These winds are called The Santa Ana winds in Southern California or Diablo Winds in Northern California.

Over the week of October 9th, 2017, more than 19 Northern California wildfires blanketed Sonoma, Napa, Solano the surrounding areas. Dubbed the Tubbs fire, only a handful reached any form of containment. The death toll reached as high as 40 and hundreds were missing or injured. Tragically, the Sonoma County fires have destroyed more than 5700 structures.

To help grasp of the level of destruction that has occurred, here are devastating photos from the Tubbs fire. By looking through pictures from the Sonoma County fires, one can't help but count their blessings and stand in awe of the havoc that ensues when nature and climate combine.

This Nightmare In A Winery Field


A Barn Totally Obliterated


This Shows Just How Strong The Winds Blow


It Looks Like A Bomb Went Off

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