19 Funny Tumblr Posts That Made Us Say 'Thanks I Hate It' Anyways

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From the arbitrary nature of the English language to poorly conceived at-home learning tools, here are some Tumblr posts that made us say 'Thanks, I hate it.' Enjoy!

  • 1. Chernobyl Olaf

    Chernobyl Olaf
    Photo: u/EnZeeeRu / Reddit
    406 votes
  • 2. Sometimes You Don't Need A Synonym

    Sometimes You Don't Need A Synonym
    Photo: u/aciddhead / Reddit
    423 votes
  • 3. Learning Dome

    Learning Dome
    Photo: u/sirkidd2003 / Reddit
    427 votes
  • 4. Soap Dispenser

    Soap Dispenser
    Photo: u/christout123 / Reddit
    650 votes
  • 5. Skin

    Photo: u/regian24 / Reddit
    574 votes
  • 6. The Dark Beneath

    The Dark Beneath
    Photo: u/Heil_Heimskr / Reddit
    555 votes