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This Father's Day, Order A Unique Simpson-Inspired Portrait From 'Turned Yellow'

May 11, 2021 3 items
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On the surface, Homer J. Simpsons might not seem like the greatest father running around Springfield. After all, he's missed birthdays, he's gotten drunk at Moe's more times than anyone can count, and he vocally hates his daughter's saxophone playing. He seems like a bad dad, doesn't he? Well, there's a lot more to Homer Simpson than meets the eye, and thanks to the 639 episodes (and counting), there's a lot to dig through to see what a great father Homer actually is.

This list highlights the reasons why Homer isn't the world's worst dad, and you'll see, he really does care for his kids (the constant choking of his son, notwithstanding). Take a look at them down below, and you might just change your mind on whether or not Homer is an outstanding father after all.

Father's Day is coming up soon – get the great dad in your life a Simpsons-inspired portrait!

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    • Turned Yellow: The Perfect Father's Day Gift For 2021

      With Father's Day coming up, it's time to start thinking of the perfect gift for dad. Let's face it, another tie isn't going to cut it and how many mugs reading "World's Best Dad" does one man need? Forget all that kitschy stuff and get him something he will really treasure by having the talented artists at TurnedYellow draw him into one of the greatest animated series of all time!

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      • A Unique, Memorable, Unnecessary Gift For The Man That Has Everything

        Now that you know what a great father Homer Simpson is, you can go ahead and get the man in your life something that will show the world how great he is! For Father's Day this year, be sure to have that man in your life a great piece of artwork, featuring him as a character in The Simpsons! TurnedYellow is all about making these amazing pictures, and they have the track record to prove they're the one-stop-shop for transforming folks into Simpsons characters.

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