Small Details About Priya, Abby, & Miriam From 'Turning Red' That Will Always Have Your Back

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One of the best elements of Pixar's Turning Red is the bond between Meilin and her ride-or-die besties Abby, Miriam, and Priya. Whether it comes to getting tickets to see 4*Town or helping Meilin embrace the part of her that is a giant red panda, these ladies are up for any challenge. For many fans, their friendship with the best part of the feature. Here are a few details eye-eyed fans found about the friend group. Vote up the best small details about these preteen pals.  

"4*Town Forever!"

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    Hearts Are Part Of Miriam's Style

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    Tyler Is One Of The Gang Now


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    Priya's Piercings


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    Each Friend Has Her Own Spotify Account IRL


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    Priya Has A Bit Of Bite To Her


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    Green Vs. Red